Stepping into leadership

I hesitate to write that word. Leadership. Because for AGES I resisted it.

I resisted calling myself a leader.

It just felt too big.

It was meant for “real successes”, not little old me.

But then other people started calling me a leader.

And then they said it more. And more. Until it got to the point where I just had to get used to it.

Because here’s the thing, when we’re responsible for clients’ growth, whether that’s their personal or business growth, we’re a leader.

When we influence our tribe with our opinions and thoughts, we’re a leader.

When we write or record words that people follow, we’re a leader.

When we create frameworks or systems that people replicate, we’re a leader.

Now that I’m more comfortable with it, I realise more and more the responsibility that comes with it. We have to have integrity in all we do.

We have to consider every element of our leadership and the effect it has on people.

We have to be kind, considerate, generous.

We have to respect those who see us as a leader, and not abuse their trust.

This means we have to learn to how to rise after falls and failures. We are human and life happens. Leaders are not immune to anxiety, grief, shame, or struggles with trust, so we need to have a tried and true plan in place to respond to these seasons.

As hard as it is, it’s a gift to give those we lead the opportunity to see us struggle and rise from those challenges while staying connected to what matters most. And during those moments, we have to be careful with our words, because with influence comes responsibility.

In fact, with leadership comes responsibility and it’s important to respect this. People are fragile, and can easily be damaged by the wrong advice or the wrong word, but I see so many people being careless with this leadership honour they have.

Because it is an honour. The way I lead is with love and integrity and my goal is to create leaders who do that too.

We need practices that we can circle back to, which help us stay in our integrity and face the challenges of leading – because it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. This is why I teamed up with Leadership Consultant, Rebecca Ching, to bring you guys Leaders Rising.

This is a completely new offering, that’s also completely different from anything I have offered before. The things you will learn in this two-day intensive is deep, important and impactful.

It will turn you into the integrated leader you dream of being. Join us, I have a feeling you’ll never be the same again.

Head here to find out more.


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