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I found this great overview of the benefits of using social media marketing for business in my daily trawl of Google Reader. The author, Jeff Bullas – incidentally, I fully recommend you read his blog, covers the following areas:

  • Why ideas that spread win
  • Why traditional mass media is in decline
  • Multiple social media marketing case studies including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Blogs
  • The top 5 social media channels
  • How social media spreads your ideas
  • Examples of the leverage of social media to amplify your brand and content
  • How social media can position your company and personal brand as thought leaders
  • Benefits of social media for search engine optimization

It’s nicely put together and is a great read for those still unsure about whether social media is right for them.

[slideshare id=5005795&doc=finalversionsocialmediamarketingforbusinesspresentationfinalversionaugust-100818201155-phpapp01]

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  1. Mark Lord says:

    I think social media is very valuable, but I think also that a lot of successful businesses such as Apple for instance still use traditional marketing methods. To say you should ignore mass (broadcast is a better term perhaps?) marketing is to actually ignore how major brands such as Apple have become successful.

    Yes Apple is talked about in social media, but I can’t remember the last time I saw their advertising or messaging in Facebook or Twitter for example. Apple are in the media all the time because of the hype they create around their products – that’s traditional PR isn’t it? They’re very good at it and very good at getting fan boys and girls talking about them, but is that because they are good at social media marketing, or because of the well-designed products they make?

  2. Gemma Went says:

    Hi Mark, good point well made. I don’t think any activity should be ignored, I’m a great believer in integrating the traditional with the digital. Apple is a good example, although slightly out of reach as a comparison to smaller businesses. That said, Apple apply the same method of creating advocacy and word of mouth offline as we are able to through social media online. So there are some comparisons to be drawn, whichever channel is used. Of course much of this is because of well designed products, but also very clever marketing that creates the desire before the products are even launched.

    At the end of the day, if the product or service isn’t good, no amount of marketing (traditional or otherwise) is going to sell it.

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