Social Media breakfast briefing at the DBA

[tweetmeme]Well what a great crowd at my Social Media breakfast briefing hosted by the DBA this morning. Around 50 engaged creative companies attended and they posed some great questions. For those that missed it, my presentation is here. It was more an introduction to social media than a ‘how to’, but the positive response afterwards has prompted discussions of a full workshop in the New Year. Watch this space.

Don’t be put off by the 125 pages, there’s one point to a page so you can flick through it very quickly.

[slideshare id=2464605&doc=socialmediabreakfastbriefing-dba-nov09-091110043800-phpapp02]



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  1. EXCELLENT talk at DBA event. Couldn’t help but go to Red Cube website. Couldn’t help but notice it don’t work in IE8. Yippie, I can sell Emma some of OUR expertise in web build and browser issues…:)

  2. Gah! Doesnt it? Thanks for letting me know … and really pleased you enjoyed the talk

  3. doesn’t work in Sarari either ….

  4. Oh, now that’s odd as I have it open in my Safari, and Firefox (am on a Mac)

  5. barryhar says:

    At first I thought I would never get through all 125 slides but I did, happily. This is an engaging and thorough overview for people and businesses who are trying to figure out social media. Thank you Gemma!

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