So many social media events, so little time


I don’t know about you, but every corner I turn at the moment I seem to be bombarded by ‘MUST ATTEND SOCIAL MEDIA’ events. There seems to be a bit of a rush in the air. That if we don’t attend our lives will suddenly turn sour. We’ll never be the same again. Or something.

As a marketer, I don’t buy into all that. Ok, well sometimes I do, but with the raft of events popping up I’ve been doing my homework and have found a few that are definitely worth spending the money, and time, on. One of these is Media140 London on the 26th October (so you might want to be quick and bag a ticket as the buzz is rife on Twitter et al). The lovely people at Media 140 have kindly given us a discount code, so instead of paying the full ticket price (£135) you lucky people only pay £95 by using the promotional code: mediafriends.

Media 140 was founded in February 2009 and is an independent global outfit that seeks to explore the future of the real-time web and its impact. The event on the 26th has some fantastic speakers, from journalists to those that ‘do’ (and do it very well indeed).

The aim of the event is to bring industry leaders and brands together to discuss, argue and frankly share what their experiences have been in terms of how social media is affecting their brands or clients brands. All the stuff that client side marketing and pr peeps and us agency types want to discuss and learn about. In this blog, I’ve banged on and on about the way we engage and communicate with clients and consumers  changing, well this event tackles that and will get down to the nitty gritty of ‘how to do it’.

And just so you know, I’m not sponsoring the event. They haven’t paid me to do this and I have paid for my ticket (but with the discount code, obviously)

I hope to see you there.


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