Slowing down, to speed up

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The last few months I’ve been much quieter than normal.
In actual fact, this whole year – even before the pandemic hit – I felt the call to step back because I felt some huge internal shifts happening, and I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.
I felt out of alignment, in a huge way.
But I didn’t know what I needed to re-align with.
Old me wanted to control it. To fix it. To find a strategy to get through it.
But I couldn’t because I knew I needed to lean into trust and just let it all unfold.
For a recovering control freak perfectionist … THAT WAS HARD!
I knew my soul was calling, and I tried to listen, but my system has been in conflict ever since.
Ego wanting to push, soul quietly pulling her back with a hug to sooth her.
I also had health issues to deal with. Adrenal fatigue hit me hard and I’m still navigating that, finding the balance and creating a new way of doing business that prioritises health over hustle.
I’ve chatted a lot to my mastermind, friends and coach about where I’ve been and what’s been going on.
I’ve called it cacooning. I’ve been like a caterpillar, safe in my cacoon, just allowing things to evolve as intended, with no idea what that butterfly would be and when she’d appear.
As I felt the call, I removed things, made changes, shifted.
And that’s not been easy. I second guessed myself so much as I let go of revenue streams and marketing strategies that were profitable … but no longer fit.
I saw peers surge ahead and my ego wanted to jump in with them. But it wasn’t time yet, and there was no place for comparisonitis while I processed.
I leant into trust, deeper and deeper. Knowing what would come would make sense and would create a massive transformation.
I leant into my intuition and and activated the inner gifts I’ve kept behind a wall for so long as they didn’t ‘fit’ with the more logical, strategic me.
The intuitive, empathic, healer within gradually made her appearance and we’ve been getting to know each other more and more.
I’ve learnt some amazing new skills – all unplanned, but I felt the call to jump into them as I was taken by the hand by my guides and led to the things my soul needed.
Does that mean the strategist is taking a back seat?
No chance. We’re adding to her, not taking away.
And finally I’m excited. Because I can see what’s coming. Those new wings are starting to unfurl.
New positioning, new brand, new offers, doubling down on what works, expanding the team to support what I know will be a quantum leap next year.
I slowed down to speed up, although that’s not what I planned at the start of the year at all.
And through all of that, with less revenue streams, less marketing, less launches, less of ‘me’ being out there, I’ve matched the revenue of last year.
Which astounds me.
I’ve also kept my profit at around 40/50%.
Which is testament to my strategies and systems that I’ve just left running while I take this much needed breather.
Much of that has been due to the surprise and completely unplanned success of my Online Business Accelerator, Consistency Club, which has been a testament to what can happen when you lean into intuition and just go with it. The growth and retention of this has been mind blowing, the results they’re getting even more so and what it will become next year gives me tingles. Honestly, I’ve never been so proud of anything I’ve created. It changes businesses, and changes lives.
Next year, for the first time in four years, there will be no mastermind.
There will be no more one to one (aside from my current clients if they wish to continue).
I’ll finally be launching my Online Business Consultant Certification – my accredited program that will create a new wave of consultants teaching the sustainable way to grow and scale a business online that prioritises ethical strategies, integrity, inclusion and diversity. This will be unlike anything out there, and will raise the standard of our industry – helping existing business coaches, marketing coaches and consultants – and similar – uplevel their brand and offer dramatically, using my protected frameworks and systems that help my clients create sustainable, profitable five, six and seven figure legacy led businesses (if that sounds good, the waitlist is here – I already have enough for the first cohort, which is crazy as I’ve only shared this once!).
For the first time in ages, I’m truly excited at what will be. I feel like a completely different human. More whole because I’ve embraced all parts of me and unlevelled my skillset in phenomenal ways (more on that later).
I don’t think it’s an accident that this is all happening as this year draws to an end. Usually New Year doesn’t mean that much to me, but not this year. 

​​I can sense the end and the new beginning … and I’m ready for it.


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