Simply Smart Tools: Cyfe

If you took a look at my post about the top online business trends of 2017, you’ll remember I talk about briefly about Business Intelligence tools. These tools can help you mine data and analyse it in a way that can help your business grow, and achieve the goals you set out. They also provide you with a more in depth understand of your industry, your target market and your prospects.

However, some of these tools can be pretty expensive, and some can be pretty complex. And they tend to be targeted towards larger brands – not ideal.

I’ve recently come across a great solution. Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard app that enables users to collate data from various sources of analytics, and then review and analyse that data in real time.

Whether you’re looking to monitor brand social media mentions, generate client reports, keep tabs on your finances or take a “big picture” look at ongoing projects, Cyfe has you covered.

Although many of the data are vanity metrics, it does give you a bird’s eye view of how your digital world is performing, particularly if you’re not looking at this stuff already. Remember, ‘What you measure, you get more of’ so keeping an eye on your data is important to helping you grow.

Sign up for your free account here, and get analysing!


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