Create stunning social media graphics with these 7 apps

With the launch of the much awaited Adobe Spark graphics app, I thought I’d give you a quick run down of a few of the best apps out there for creating visuals. There’s something for every device, so you should find the perfect programme for amping up your visual marketing!

Adobe Spark

Price: FREE
Spark is Adobe’s latest offering which lets you create social graphics, animated video and beautiful web stories on the go. Well, if you’re an iOS user that is. Our Android friends are limited to the desktop version (which is equally awesome).
It’s early days, but reports are that this gem is glitch-free – a godsend for anyone who’s experienced that crashed-app-lost-work feeling.
One of my favourite things about Spark (so far) is that you can resize your graphics for different social platforms from within the app. No more hours lost creating unique imagery for every channel!
Find it here.


Price: FREE (or $12.95/month for Canva for Work)
Canva is a free web-based graphic design programme (with a companion iPad app). designed for non-designers, Canva is all about the drag and drop. It has hundreds of ready made image, ebook and infographic templates so you can create awesome visuals in minutes. It can be a little glitchy upon occasion, but it really is fantastic.
If you’re willing to invest in Canva for Work, you can also upload your own fonts, and save your brand colours for that pro touch.
Find it here.


Price: FREE
For the Android users out there, Desyner has also been designed with the draggers and droppers in mind. Again, it has hundreds of ready-made templates to help you get going, as well as a library of millions of royalty free images. Whether you want to create ads, social graphics, presentations or email campaigns, this app has you covered.


Price: FREE
Pablo (by Buffer) is a super-quick, super-intuitive way to create quote graphics for social media. Due to its relationship with the almighty Buffer, you can also schedule your graphics as soon as you made them. You can upload your own background images, or use one of theirs, but they have a limited amount of fonts available. Still, a great one for creating on the go.
Find it here.


Price: FREE (or $4.99/month for Picmonkey Royale)
Picmonkey is another web-based app that can be used for editing your photography, as well as creating visual content. The possibilities are pretty much endless, once you get the hang of it. If you upgrade to the Royale membership, you get a ton of extra options and an ad-free interface.
Find it here.


Price: FREE
Typorama is an iOS-only app, I’m afraid. It’s really easy to use – some of these apps can be a bit clunky, but not Typorama. You can select from a range of preset sizes (perfect for social), and edit your image with filters, overlays, fonts and more. It’s also incredibly easy to add watermarks to your images (perfect for business owners).
Find it here.


Price: $3.99
Available on iOS AND Android devices, WordSwag is definitely one of my faves. It’s a dream for creating shareable quotes in minutes. (For an example of some of my WordSwag creations, check out this post).
Find it here for iOS and here for Android.



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