Simplify Opt-ins and Build Your List with Facebook Lead Ads


Facebook for business users – listen up! Facebook has added an exciting new ad to its portfolio: Lead Ads.

Facebook lead ads are the latest lead generation tool from the social media giants, designed to up conversion rates, specifically from mobile devices.

The sign-up process has been made much simpler by auto-filling forms with the user’s contact details. The idea is that this will keep users on Facebook (which is what Facebook wants) and maximise conversion by improving the user experience: they will no longer have to put up with slow load times, and two taps of a smartphone screen is all it takes. So its particularly good for mobile.

In other words, you’re not giving them the opportunity to get distracted or lose interest. By streamlining the form-filling process, and removing the need for landing pages, Facebook lead ads also reduce the cost per lead.

One of the main concerns, as with any other significant Facebook update, is the privacy of users, but with Facebook lead ads this is taken care of. Although Facebook  automatically pulls data from a user’s profile, that user has the opportunity to amend this before pressing submit. Advertisers are also required to provide a clear privacy policy up front.

How to set up Facebook Lead Ads

To create your own Facebook lead ad go to your Power Editor. Select create a new ad” (and don’t forget to name it!) Select your Facebook Page, Creative and Tracking.Under Lead Generation, click “Create New Form”. Give your form a name, select a language and click “Next”. Remember to keep your language on point, as users will see this. Under “What information would you like to ask for” “full name” and “email address” will already be selected. You can also click “more options” if there’s anything else you’d like to ad. Click “Next” once you added a maximum of three questions. Add a link to your privacy policy then click “Add destination”. Enter the URL you want users to visit once they’ve completed the form, then click “Preview form”. Once you’re happy with everything, click “Create form”, and then “Upload changes” (at the top of the Power Editor). Et voila!

The one drawback that I’ve found so far is that these leads can’t be set up to go directly to your email provider (MailChimp and such like), which is a bit of a pain. To get around this there is an option to export the signups and then import them into your list.

All in all, I think we’re going to see some great results with this new tactic.

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