The importance of a simple marketing system

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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about the benefits of working with am overwhelm-busting, seriously simple marketing system (something I’ve been doing in my own business for a couple of years now).

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Simple, is always better

One of the biggest issues my clients have is having to wade through all of the various marketing options and decide which is right for them.

Invariably, they can’t.

So they try all of them, take so many courses and try to apply them all at the same time.

The thing is, if you’re trying to do everything, you’re doing nothing very well.

And this is where most businesses go wrong.

Because the minute you spread yourself too thinly, you’ll never get the results that you need.

But the biggest problem is that most small business owners don’t know where they should focus their time, energy and budget. There are so many options, all of them great, all could work, so choosing the right one for you is near impossible.

Last year I spent some time pondering this problem, as it was showing up constantly for my mastermind and one to one clients. I needed to come up with a solution.

You see as well as being a Business Mentor, I have a specialist knowledge of digital marketing. For me, it’s easy to simplify my marketing strategy and only focus on one or two core activities. I know what works and I know how to implement it.

So I wanted to use this knowledge to come up with a simple system my clients could use to do the same.

Enter stage left The SMART Marketing System, a system that is:

  • Simple
  • Manageable
  • Achievable
  • Replicable
  • Timesaving

I tried it out on my mastermind members, and it’s done wonders to remove overwhelm and focus on specific business building activities for a 90 day sprint. Giving you the space to focus your efforts and truly test what works well for your business. Then at the end of the 90 days, review, tweak and go again.

Do you have a marketing system?

If not, I have a few questions for you:

  • How could you cut back the activity and only focus on a few key things?
  • What ONE social media channel could you focus on for 90 days?
  • What ONE traffic generator could you target?
  • What ONE content format could you use and then repurpose?
  • How could marketing be easier for you?

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