On the importance of showing up in your business

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show I’m talking about the importance of showing up in your business, and what that actually means.

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When you’re growing as a business, or even planning to grow, it’s so important to understand how to show up (and break through any blockages that might impact that).

In this episode I’m cracking the four key factors in this:

Being true to you.

We all have so many parts of ourselves – there are the parts we’re proud of, the parts you don’t like so much, and then everything that touches your past, present and future. And you should own that – all of it.

Don’t just show people the bits you think they want to see. Be authentic, and true to yourself. That means no hiding any bits away.

This rawness is what helps you connect with people and help them relate to you and your imperfections, so don’t shy away my friend.

Be proud of yourself, and everything you’ve accomplished, because it’s a lot.

Integrity is huge for me. It’s so, so important to own what you believe in. Never waiver from those values, and remember that integrity is all about how you behave when nobody’s looking. It’s NOT just showing your face online and saying “hey, I have integrity”. Prove it.

Beating the things that stand in your way.

Those negative self-beliefs really can get in the way of you showing up in your business. We all have them to some degree, and it’s a lot of work to overcome them completely (so worth it though).

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve let my negative thoughts stand in my way. I’ve had to battle feeling like ‘I’m not enough’. I’ve had to deal with being a perfectionist, and my fears of visibility. And I had to work through these blocks to get where I am today.

For me, showing up means really working on each of these issues, whether that’s going back and dealing with the causes, or figuring out strategies to work around them.

Tapping, journaling and meditation can all really help with this

Seeing things as they are.

We often have a distorted view of how we show up to the world. We might think we come across as quiet, or meek, or loud, or brash, or condescending, or not very smart…

We’re all pretty hard on ourselves, and we say things to ourselves that we’d never say to somebody else because it’s just so mean.

If you’re curious about how you’re seen, speak to someone who knows you really well, and isn’t going to blow smoke up your ass. Ask them what they truly think. It’s often completely different to what you think of yourself.

Get tactical.

Develop a set of core content pillars – the things that really matter to you. In my world, for example, one of those is integrity, so you’ll often see the theme of integrity running through my work.

Understand your true calling. Think about the people you love to work with, and the work that leaves you tingling. Bring more of that to life in your business.

Be present – literally. Show up on Facebook Live, create videos, jump on a podcast… it’s scary, but it makes such a massive impact.

For more tactics and techniques for showing up in your business (and examples from mine), check out this week’s show.

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