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7-Figure Females – Selena Soo

Have you ever watched a launch in awe, almost like a performance on stage? Well, I enjoy Publicity and Marketing Strategist, Selena Soo’s epic yearly launch of ‘Impacting Millions’ so much I just had to have her on the podcast.

In this episode I’m talking to Selena all about how doubling down on what worked and the power of affiliates took her business to seven figures and beyond. 

7-Figure Females is a mini-series on The Simply Smart Business Show where I set out to bust some myths around creating a 7-figure business as a female business owner, understand what it truly takes to get there, and inspire you to aim high.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • There are significant expenses to doing a big exciting launch. E.g. If 50% of your profit from a $250,000 launch goes to affiliates, you probably won’t spend the standard 10% on ads, but drop it down to 5%. 
  • Create a business model that’s fun for you. If simplicity is important to you, own it. If you’re mission-driven and know you’ll need a bigger team to help you reach more people, be prepared for more complexity.
  • Scale up by leveraging group programmes. Twenty clients paying $5,000 for a 6-month one-on-one coaching package can get you to 6-figures. Add in a mastermind and/or online group programme and you’ll start to scale to the multi 6-figure mark.
  • Be prepared to play the long game with affiliates. It may take learning from a couple of launches before affiliates pay off big time.
  • Using affiliates builds excitement as it’s like having 100 launches at the same time. You’ll need to “launch” to the affiliates themselves in order to get them really motivated to sell. 
  • If evergreen funnels bore you and you’re more of a big fun launch kind of person, double down on what you love doing as it’s so much more likely to pay off.
  • Developing, marketing, launching and fulfilling new products takes time and resources. Step back and look at the bigger picture to enable you to focus on what’s already working.
  • A big, substantial launch can take 6-8 months to prep for and deliver so be realistic about timelines and what else you can fit in – if a big yearly launch is your major money-maker, prioritise it.
  • A big difference in running a multi-6-figure vs a 7-figure business is the size of your team. Selena’s Hiring Tips:
    • The first role you hire should be customer-focussed e.g. a customer service VA. Your focus is on bringing in sales, and your VA can help lighten your load by sending recordings or scheduling links so you can focus on sales conversations and key marketing activities.
    • As the business gets more complex and you’re doing more email marketing, webinars, landing pages etc, bring in a part-time operations virtual assistant.
    • Then might come an editorial assistant or copywriter, because as a business owner the majority of your time should be spent on marketing, and copy is a huge part of that.
  • If you’re at Start-Up Phase – focus on your real profit. Really get clear on how much time it takes to produce what you sell, plus all your expenses – and don’t skip your own salary and taxes. You need to get the real picture so you can invest your time wisely.
  • Interrogate your goals. Work out your cost-per-lead and look at whether your conversation rate merits the spend. It could be that building an email list is an arbitrary goal that isn’t going to get you where you need to be. 
  • Prioritise your personal development and emotional resilience. Building a business is tough, and you need to make sure you have strategies to deal with stress. Making decisions from a place of calm is essential to move in the right direction.
  • As you continue to grow, there are more shiny objects and distraction. Exercise focus and self-discipline so you can reflect, make the best decisions and be a great leader who remains calm amidst storms. 
  • Do the things that scare you. Things that tend to move the needle are those you know you need to do, but you’re afraid of, e.g. being effective in your sales conversations, getting better at presentations and doing webinars, or public speaking. Master these things and it will translate to big numbers in your business.

Listen to this episode here.

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Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message.

She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. Many of Selena’s clients have become industry leaders with 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Her signature approach comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships with influencers and the media in a thoughtful, authentic way.

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