Seven Figure Females With Lenka Lutonska

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Seven Figure Females With Lenka Lutonska

In this episode of my myth-busting new mini-series interviewing 7-Figure Females, I’m speaking to Lenka Lutonska, who was born in Slovakia and moved to the UK at the age of 19 with a dream to change the world.

From humble beginning working for McDonald’s, she is now an international business and mindset strategist for women entrepreneurs, an international trainer of NLP, a professional speaker and a passionate believer in every woman’s right to have the life and business she truly loves.

7-Figure Females is a mini-series on The Simply Smart Business Show where I set out to bust some myths around creating a 7-figure business as a female business owner, understand what it truly takes to get there, and inspire you to aim high.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • Business growth goes through cycles. From infancy to rapid growth to maturity to saturation which we can mistake for hitting a ceiling, is in fact a new infancy period of the cycle. Energetic preparation is needed to get ready for the next stage of growth. 
  • Taking a step back from revenue-generating activities in order to concentrate on audience growth, such as writing a book to spread your message, can pay off later. Growth means getting comfortable with the constant expansion and contraction of the cycle.
  • There are three energetic stages to creating a quantum leap in your business:
    1. The first stage is to set out a powerful intention and make it non-negotiable. Accept that if you have a genuine calling to do something, that’s all the evidence you need that you’re meant to do it. Make every decision and action aligned with where you want to be rather than from where you are right now.
    2. The second (and hardest) stage is the bridging period. That is when we know where we’re going internally but externally we’re not there yet and anything can happen. Things get worse. Things break down. Energetically speaking, this is where the old will deselect itself and there may be some unexpected drama. The ego fights for its life and self doubt comes up. Do not pull back but go forward more boldly.
    3. The third stage is celebration before the cycle begins again and you fire a new intention forward. 
  • The future only exists in your head. Your job is to tune into what the Universe wants to express through you and act from that place now.
  • When you’re being called to up-level, there may be tough decisions to make and team members who are no longer aligned with the vision. Make the hard choice.
  • Create your inner circle of support: family, friends, coaches, colleges – people you can trust and you will hold you accountable.
  • ‘New level, same devil’ – Everyone experiences the limiting belief of “I’m not good enough” no matter what level they are at. Offload it into your journal, then ask, what’s another way to look at this? Where do I need more self-love? Where is my ego fighting? Where do I need to reassure my inner child that we’re going to be safe going forward?
  • Self doubt is a sign of growth because the ego doesn’t fight when we stay in our comfort zones.
  • Business is daily problem-solving. There are lots of moving parts and your job isn’t to minimis or catastrophize but see everything as a challenge that’s solvable and an opportunity for growth. 
  • Hiring/buying from a victim mentality – “You fix me; You do it for me” – rarely works out. Check-in on your own buying strategy. Why are you buying and what’s the energy behind it?
  • You cannot compartmentalise your spiritual development or business growth into an hour or half an hour routine. You live it every minute. Adopt a mindset of, “I will continue to grow my business through absolutely radical self-love and self-care.” and act on it in big and small ways to honour the person behind your business.
  • Lenka’s morning ritual when she wakes up: stretch and affirm: “I’m extremely grateful I’m alive and today I expect miracles.”
  • Your audience will feel an energy of obligation. To create, serve and grow with more ease, allow yourself to believe that it’s possible to sell without doing a million posts, live-streams and emails.
  • The most important thing to be consistent in? Your commitment to your vision and who you want to be. Create your vision from a place of anything being possible – don’t let your mind limit you. Then accept what’s meant for you.

Listen to this episode here.

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Born in Slovakia, Lenka Lutonska moved to the UK at the age of 19 with a dream to ‘change the world’. From humble beginnings working for McDonald’s, she is now an international business and mindset strategist for women entrepreneurs, an international trainer of NLP, a professional speaker and a passionate believer in every woman’s right to have the life and business she truly loves. 

Author of “Energetic Selling and Marketing”, Lenka has also been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and other international business publications and has been described by many as deeply knowledgeable and an inspirational trainer and coach. Serving clients from over 30 countries, Lenka spurs women coaches and change-makers into action by helping them to marry business strategy and energy in order to create extraordinary results and growth in their businesses. She is also the creator of the Extraordinary Growth Academy where she guides women to turn their passion for making a difference into thriving, multiple six & seven figure businesses. As a mother of three active boys and a committed family woman, Lenka relishes the challenges her varied work life offers.

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