Seven Figure Females With Helen Pritchard

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Seven Figure Females With Helen Pritchard

I’m loving these conversations with 7-Figure Females so much! 

Next up I’m talking to LinkedIn legend, Helen Pritchard, all about her journey to seven figures and how she’s focused on just one thing and dropped everything else to get her there. 

I love Helen’s radical honesty about just how much she appreciates her business class, party lifestyle and how she deals with the less-fun side of success: trolls. This kind of inside look into the realities of running a 7-figure business is exactly why I created this mini-series. Give it a listen; it’s full of golden nuggets.

7-Figure Females is a mini-series on The Simply Smart Business Show where I set out to bust some myths around creating a 7-figure business as a female business owner, understand what it truly takes to get there, and inspire you to aim high.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • Anything can happen. In 2010 Helen was £90K in debt; 10 years later, she’s making £95K of net profits.
  • Take time to enjoy your success (and spending your money!) – at every stage of the game, but especially when things are really flowing and you’re getting great feedback. 
  • Helen’s business model is inspired by Denise Duffield-Thomas. It is based on the idea that you teach one thing with the teachings rarely changing, for a set fee and to a scalable audience.
  • Look at what you know how to do really well; something that you know works – and build out from there. For Helen it was helping people get leads from LinkedIn.
  • How can you simplify your offer? Helen’s Mastermind is her going through, step by step, what to do with LinkedIn.
  • Maybe you offer a training you can teach in an hour. Can you expand it out and go deeper, then offer group support to turn it into something more profitable?
  • Helen’s launch model is simple and rinse-and-repeat using a five day challenge beforehand. The challenges are always in their multiple thousands with 5% of those people eventually buying. It’s a numbers game.
  • When you’re selling a step-by-step you enter into a deal with the client: you offer the steps, they have to take them. If they’re not getting results, learn from Helen who ran a couple of group calls to look at exactly why not (clue: they weren’t taking the steps).
  • Commit to a big goal like Helen’s 1st January £1-million in sales public pledge – even if it feels out of reach and you have no idea (yet) how to get there.
  • If you want to run a multi million pound business, act like a multi million pound business owner. Cut out distractions, get serious, and hire the help you need to scale.
  • Look at the things in your business that can only be done by you – and outsource the rest.
  • Be inspired by Helen’s signature marketing move: a nightly Live answering her community questions while drinking Malbec in her front-room (complete with kids in the background).
  • Create space to think creatively and strategically by hiring others to work on detail and implementation.
  • When you know you’re making a positive impact in people’s lives, it’s easier to deal with critics. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing (whether it’s to feed your family or travel the world etc) and let the haters get on with it.
  • Helen’s no-nonsense tips for video:
    • Just get on and do it 
    • Don’t bother with subtitles, background, or any other barriers
    • Never ask for feedback
    • Never take notice of feedback
    • Don’t watch them back
  • Resilience is a learned skill and invaluable for all aspects of business.
  • When in doubt, ask yourself: Where do I add the most value? Where do I get the most joy? Where can I make the most profit? Whatever lands in the middle is where to focus your energy.
  • Instead of popping up when you’ve got something to sell, it’s much easier to be consistent and really show your audience that you’re with them for the long-haul.
  • Show up – especially when you don’t feel like it.

Listen to this episode here.

More on Helen here: 

Who would wave goodbye to household names and a successful digital marketing agency to start a brand new business? In 2017, Helen Pritchard did exactly that and began training entrepreneurs, coaches and businesses in LinkedIn lead generation.

Helen Prichard is an online business owner most famous for helping people get leads from linkedin. In two short years she has hit £1 million sales orders of her linkedin in mastermind, reached hundreds of thousands of business owners with her training and won an Enterprise Vision Award.

Over 10,000 people have taken part in her famous free 5-day challenges in 2019, and she aims to quadruple that figure in 2020.

A single mum of two girls, Helen has proven that dropping the BS excuses and just sitting down and doing the work gets you results. She’s become known for her no-nonsense approach and now mentors others who want to replicate her success.

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