Seven Figure Females With Haley Burkhead

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Seven Figure Females With Haley Burkhead

On this episode of the Simply Smart Business Show, I’m joined by the super inspiring Haley Burkhead to talk about hitting 7-figures after only 18 months in business, how to move from entrepreneur to leader, and fueling your sales machine to scale up.

7-Figure Females is a mini-series on The Simply Smart Business Show where I set out to bust some myths around creating a 7-figure business as a female business owner, understand what it truly takes to get there, and inspire you to aim high.

Listen to this episode here.

Takeaways from this show:

  • Choose to love your audience so hard that you create products they actually want and so are easy for you to sell.
  • When you are ready to scale up you need to stop thinking like an entrepreneurial coach (“What do I want to get off my plate?”) and start thinking like a leader (“What do I want my company organisation to look like?”)
  • Consistent self-improvement work is essential to continue breaking through revenue ceilings.
  • Haley’s morning routine is built around what works for her, including: 
  • Sync with your vision for your company and life
  • Math meditation. On a whiteboard, map out all the numbers to make your three-year, one-year, and 30-day goal happen. Knowing those numbers ensures your subconscious knows how to react during the day to hit your goals.
  • Breath work. Super simple: six seconds in, three seconds out. Done 20 to 30 times, followed by a grounding exercise to make sure everything is aligned in your body.
  • Haley also benefits from evening energy cleanse:
  • Breath work for grounding.
  • 10 minutes in a warm salt bath to cleanse energy, frequency and aura.
  • Self-development work for 30 minutes,e.g reading a book, watching a training, something that’s motivating and ups your frequency before bed.
  • The visionary’s role is to think so set aside time to think clearly and without distractions. 
  • When problems arise throughout the day, add to an Evernote. Then when you’re in thinking time, tackle those problems and create solutions.
  • As an entrepreneur and a visionary, both our greatest strength and greatest weakness is coming up with ideas. Have an idea filter. When an idea comes, congratulate yourself then put it to one side until you have space. The end of every month, go through all the ideas and see which ones could work.
  • Beliefs are everything. If you believe “sales are hard”, sales are going to be hard. If you believe “sales are easy and fun”, your brain will find a way to make it easy and fun. 
  • What if, instead of Facebook ads, you work on your sales conversion rate to a cold, free audience? Once you master that, you have the money to invest in Facebook ads so you’re not going into debt and know what’s going to work quicker.
  • Live launches work when you have a great sized audience. If you don’t, you’re wasting your energy and time when you could be focusing on creating a really great sales machine, then putting that out to a cold audience.
  • Only grow your audience figures if it will benefit your bottom line.
  • To be successful, you don’t have to have a million dollars, you just need to know what you want. Whatever your goal is, do not change it and go all in and then hire out the attraction of leads into your sales machine.
  • Make sure your client success department can run without you; any person that comes in contact with your brand and pays you, can get a result without you.

Listen to this episode here.

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Haley helps overbooked entrepreneurs phase out their clients and create consistent 10k evergreen months with a course or membership site. 

She was that entrepreneur rockin’ the 14-hour day freelance life desperately seeking the marketing secret that would magically cure her bank account. The gurus were shouting advice that didn’t land right with her – she knew there had to be an easier way than using a strategy that relied on a big, warm audience and consistent content. 

So she created a different approach…

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