Seven Figure Females With Amber McCue

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Seven Figure Females With Amber McCue

In this episode of my myth-busting new mini-series interviewing 7-Figure Females, I’m speaking to Amber McCue about the mistakes, learnings and things she said no to, to create the focus she needed to scale to 7-figures. Tune in to discover how one powerful concept changed everything for her. 

7-Figure Females is a mini-series on The Simply Smart Business Show where I set out to bust some myths around creating a 7-figure business as a female business owner, understand what it truly takes to get there, and inspire you to aim high.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • Embrace the ‘slow down to speed up’ mindset. Having a bigger team means learning patience – not everything has to be done in a rush like in the nimble early days of business. 
  • Good ideas come in the space when we’re more present and mindful. Take your time to strategize and think plans through properly. 
  • Profit margins go up and down: every time you make an investment in a talented person, you’re going to see profit margins go down, but it’s worth it long-term until it becomes a revenue-generating role.
  • Imposter syndrome will tend to strike when you haven’t been doing daily maintenance work on your mindset. Prioritise your practice. 
  • Get over the idea that only you can do certain things in your business. If you’re not finding joy anymore, can you train someone else up to do what you do so you can focus on growing the business?
  • Commit to defining exactly what your priorities are each week and say no to anything that isn’t them.
  • Then spend 20 minutes reflecting at the end of the week to see whether you kept to your priorities. Research shows that people who reflect are happier and perform better.
  • Amber operates on a 90 day plan model but every July and December goes deep into numbers, spreadsheets, tracking and asking questions to make improvements. 
  • Consistency needs commitment to happen. What do you want to commit to to move your business forward?
  • At any point of the business when there is a breakdown, it usually comes back to leadership – so look to yourself first rather than blaming. 
  • Amber’s biggest learning: you are right on time because it is absolutely impossible to be late for your destiny. Everything is okay, no matter what turns up, and no matter what happens, it’s all right, because it’s all right on time.
  • Amber advice for scaling: Streamline. And when you think you’ve streamlined, there’s more streamlining to be done. 
  • Keep bringing it back to what matters, all the time asking yourself, “What is the most important thing in this moment?” to stay focussed. 


Listen to this episode here.

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From single mom at the age of 18 to owning two companies that allow her to work from anywhere, anytime, Amber McCue has a talent for overcoming obstacles, and helping others do the same. Amber runs her businesses from Africa, where she currently lives with her family. 

Amber studied Organization Development in Johns Hopkins’ MBA program, co-founded Three Boudoir, which creates photography experiences for women, and runs Amber McCue & Co, a modern business growth consultancy, which operates globally.

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