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A few weeks ago I stepped away from my business and I stepped into growth.

Business growth, of course, but more importantly personal growth.

I’ve made a commitment to do more of this in 2019 so I headed to sunny California for two transformative events.

The first (and the one I want to talk about today) was the Scale with Success Summit.

Scale with Success, a program run by the fabulous Caitlin Bacher, has been a challenge to me mindset-wise since the start. My mind monkeys were running amok as it didn’t feel safe for me to grow and scale. The idea of pushing my revenue to 7 figures, even though it’s a goal of mine, was setting off alarm bells all over town, and I’ve been working through that for the last few months.

It was part of the group program I joined to help me to scale my business with an evergreen funnel.

So going to Redondo Beach for this event was always going to be a struggle. I asked myself what on Earth I was doing there as I’ve STILL not implemented my funnel. Who did I think I was to be in a room with such inspirational, successful people? How could I think about doing this funnel and becoming wildly successful if my peers would be triggered by that success? Man, my inner mean girls were going at it!

But … of course … the ‘actual’ experience was far from that. I felt like I belonged, I shared, I learned, I grew. I realised that, actually, I’m pretty good at this stuff and going to the next stage really is no biggie.

Two of my favourite a-has from Scale with Success were:

  1. Getting your vision and messaging right is KEY to connection and sales. Have you gone deep enough? Is your vision FULLY aligned with you? Have you dialled your messaging up so that it can’t help but connect?
  2. A funnel is purely an experience. A journey that you take your prospects on, where each stage deepens the connection and qualifies people for your product. Think about it this way, and it stops being a scary, cold, salesy thing that puts people off. It also makes you stand out against the bro-marketers, which is always a good thing.

I also learned that most people have these same negative, self-doubting thoughts. We’re all being hard on ourselves, even with so much success already under our belts. This actually felt comforting – although I wish we didn’t do it!

I also got confirmation on what my product roadmap should be to allow me to create a seamless experience for my clients to learn and grow with me.

I learned some strategies that will change the way I do business big time.

I made some amazing deep connections with some super clever folk, and

I learned that, as usual, it’s the more intangible personal growth stuff that makes investing in these coaches, programs and events an absolute must for any small business owner looking to grow.


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