How to scale your business

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Have you ever wondered how to start scaling your small business?

The Strategy Sessions is a new series over on The Simply Smart Business Show, in which I record a coaching session where I help a real, live small business owner overcome a very real problem they’re facing.

This week, it’s the lovely Anna McLoughlin, a messaging strategist who helps service providers bottle their brilliance.

The problem?

“So, I have had limited success in scaling the business so far. I do have a very small team, but I’m still the bottleneck. Although I have got a team, things haven’t changed so much from when I was just a freelancer. It’s not as different as it should be, and I want to be able to scale the business so I can step more into the CEO role and have other people serving and delighting clients as much as I do. This is something I haven’t had great success with. I’m hoping you can help me figure out what would my next few steps on this journey should be.”

Listen to this episode here:

Key takeaways:

  • If you want to scale your business, you need to think about streamlining, automating and delegating. That’s the first thing.
  • Do a quick, off the top of your head breakdown. Think about a really typical week for you, and where you’re spending most of your time. Include everything that you’re doing in your business.
  • Work out what you need to earn in order to keep your business ticking over. That means paying you the salary you want, paying your team and paying any other expenses.
  • Create your product roadmap, highlighting all the ways people can buy from you or work with you. Break it right down. What’s your most popular offer? Could you turn it into some sort of group programme?
  • Take what you’ve got and think about the different ways you could package it that would earn you more so that you have the funds to build your business.
  • Audit your business and think about people who could take over the things that are sucking your time, such as customer service, and then look at tools that can streamline a lot of those admin tasks for you, such as Dubsado.
  • Can you create a bespoke framework that will enable you to hand over the client work that currently only you can do?

Listen to this episode here:

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