It’s time to take radical personal responsibility

I want to talk about a topic I’ve been rumbling with for most of this year.

I’ve had many conversations with my peers on the topic.

Ans that topic is …

Personal responsibility.

Actually, Radical Personal Responsibility.

Because, from what I’ve seen, not enough people take this. And I’m talking about both customers and those serving them.

They expect things to just happen for them.

They blame others for their lack of results/success.

They blame customers’ blocks or resistances if they struggle.

They blame the effin algorithmn.

Because it’s easy.

Far easier to lay the blame at someone else’s door than do the U Turn and look at yourself and what – perhaps – you might have got wrong.

But this is what hinders growth and development. By laying the blame with others, we remove the opportunity to grow. To truly grow.

Because it’s in these darker moments. When we f*ck up, we make a wrong move, we get it wrong and then we own it like a leader should, well it’s in these moments that we truly evolve.

And I talk from experience.

I’ve been the one that bought the course that wasn’t right for me.

I’ve been the one that bought the program that got no results.

I’ve been the one that invested in a coach or mastermind that wasn’t right for me.

I’ve been the one that’s not quite got my offer right, or my target audience right.

I’ve been the one who’s had to deal with clients who didn’t get the results.

Did I blame anyone else for those things?

The coaches that sold me the course, program mastermind?

The customers who didn’t get the results?

No, even when it could have been theirs.

Because I took personal responsibility for taking that action in the first place.

I took personal responsibility when someone didn’t get the results they wanted on my program or mastermind.


Because it’s in this action we improve, grow and evolve.

My biggest growth has happened in my darkest moments and as uncomfortable as that is, I accept and embrace it.

Because this is what it takes to be a leader.

So the next time you want to grumble about something, think about this. Think about the choices you took to get to that point. Think about what you could learn from it.

By choosing not to be a victim and taking radical personal responsibility, everything shifts.



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