On the importance of real connections

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show I’ll be talking about the importance of developing real connections as an entrepreneur (and a human being).

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Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit stalled in my business.

Not because I’m not working with amazing clients, on exciting projects – I am. It’s just… we spend so much time on the internet. We look at so much information. We’re faced with endless marketing messages – and if those messages are from businesses very similar to your own, it can leave you feeling pretty triggered. I know it does for me.

We think of the internet as this opportunity to really connect people, but often it can have the opposite effect. We may interact superficially, but we’re not developing those deeper connections that all humans crave.

Last week I had a couple of virtual calls that really made me think about the topic of connection.

The first was with a business owner based in Australia, who I met in the wonderful Lucky Bitch Bootcamp group. No agenda, no pitching, we just jammed some ideas and shared our thoughts.

The second was with my mastermind – not the mastermind I run, but one I’m part of. We were all being super vulnerable, super honest and super open – and I hung up realising I wanted to bring more of this into my every day.

Connection is a really important aspect of my Simply Smart Masterminds. The ladies that take part build these really amazing relationships, and stay close even after our time together has ended. This just proves how much of an impact connectivity can have.

I want to bring more of this into my free online community, Simply Smart Business. It’s already an amazing community, filled with people I absolutely love. Some are clients of mine, some aren’t, but they all use that group to find and share knowledge. But I want more. I want to connect with these people in a deeper way. I want to do things that challenge me, and things that challenge them… not the same formulaic activities that leave us all feeling so jaded.

I know for me, when I’m feeling a connection, I feel inspired. Inspired to keep going, and keep growing.

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