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Create Your Breakthrough Business: Putting It All Together

Here we are at the final episode in the series of Create Your Breakthrough Business! If you’ve been coasting along and watching everyone around you speed ahead towards big breakthroughs, then this is for you.

Missed the first three in the series? Go back to episode one to learn about the importance of creating your vision. In episode two, we talked about looking back on what you’ve done in your business and how to identify the steps you need to take to make your vision a reality (by avoiding the “spaghetti strategy”). Then in episode three we looked at how you can step into that breakthrough with a clear plan broken down into goals and milestones.

In this episode, I’m talking about putting all these elements together to create your big breakthrough. Take a listen to discover how the best strategies and plans in the world mean nothing if you’re stuck in an old mindset pattern. 

Listen to this episode here.

Takeaways from this show:

  • The three biggest mistakes that can keep you stuck are:
    • Not working on your mindset everyday
    • Not designing the right strategy for you, your business and your vision
    • Freezing and not taking action. This is when procrastination, overwhelm and self sabotage show up. 
  • You can work with all the coaches in the world, but until you break the mindset patterns that keep you stuck, nothing will work. 
  • When there are old stories from the past that create self-doubt, you may find yourself jumping from guru to guru, from this strategy to that plan. Until you break the pattern, you will never create the breakthrough.
  • When we start moving forward, resistance shows up. We doubt our plan. We seek validation from others. We stop focussing and start trying all the other things. We create the spaghetti strategy and take the wrong action. When we inevitably don’t get the results, we start blaming other people. 
  • If you recognise yourself in this pattern, congratulations! The first step is awareness.
  • Go back to episode one to learn some techniques to work with your resistance so you can break the pattern.
  • Taking action on your strategy can help break the mindset pattern. It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect and messy or doesn’t work; it’s still better than staying stuck in the old pattern.
  • Acknowledge when you need help. You’re human and were never meant to be alone. When you’re stuck in unhelpful patterns, seek help from a business mentor, coach, peer-led mastermind, membership or qualified therapist.
  • Once you get the mindset stuff nailed, it makes it so much easier to do the rest. 


Take a look at the Planning Tool I mention in this episode so you can start to capture your goals across the year and the actions you need to take to meet them.

Planning Tool

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