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Welcome to those of you who have arrived here after watching my BrightTALK webinar on social listening. If you didn’t get here because of the webinar, you’re welcome too (it’s here if you fancy a look).

As the great Brian Solis said, “There’s too much talking in social media and too little listening and learning”. This is so true. People are clambering at each other to get their word out there and cut through the noise. But  if you sit back, find the right people and just … listen, you could unearth a wealth of insight for your business.

In my webinar, I discuss the reasons why social listening (or monitoring) is so important to business. I also talk about the various tools on offer to help us do it. The thing is, there are so many. It’s easy to get lost if you don’t understand this world. Well, my friends, I’m here to help. I’ve rounded up some of the best resources on the web to help you understand the fascinating world of social listening. I hope it’s useful.

Social Media Monitoring: Is Your Business Listening?

Nice introduction to social media monitoring from the Huffington Post.

How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes A Day

Great eBook from Hubspot that shows you how to create a monitoring system that doesn’t eat into your day.

Social Media Monitoring for Customer Service

This is a downloadable whitepaper created by Our Social Times, and features key experts who share their knowledge on the importance of monitoring for customer service (and how to do it). It’s a great read, jam-packed full of advice.

How to Predict Trends with Social Media Monitoring

A glimpse at how Sickweather looks at monitoring the mention of illnesses to predict outbreaks. Fantastic real-life example.

The Definitive Guide to Social Media Metrics

Super introduction to online measurement, the various metrics and which you should be tracking.

50 Top Tools for Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Management

This is probably what most of you are looking for. A rather large list of the tools available. Before looking at tools though, be clear on what your monitoring for or what metrics you need to measure. This will help to guide you towards the right tools. Unfortunately there may not be one tool that will do everything you need, so keep your mind open to using a suite of tools to get exactly what you need.

Top 10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Brandwatch is one of the best paid for tools out there, but they’ve handily created a post of the top 10 free monitoring tools for those with no budget.

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