The immense value of online communities

Online communities – they’re a love/hate experience for a lot of us. Particularly with the (huge) rise of Facebook groups, we’re opened up to some really inspiring ways to leverage online connections… but we also see a lot of examples of what not to do.

I’m always raving about how much I love my own community, Simply Smart Business, so when I had the opportunity to join Paul Sutton on his podcast (Digital Download) to talk ALL about it, I was in.

Paul Sutton is a digital communications consultant with twenty years experience in PR and marketing. Prior to setting up on his own in 2014, he spent the bulk of his career working in senior digital roles within PR agencies. Needless to say, he understands the pressures of marketing your business well and knows what you need to be doing from a communication perspective. Find out more about Paul and his training hub here.

Listen to us chat about the immense value of online communities right here.

We talk:

  • The benefits of building your own online community
  • How being real and raw sparks love and loyalty beyond the walls of your group
  • How to choose the right platform for your community (and how to succeed if your choice is Facebook)
  • Funnels and lead magnets
  • Tricks for finding and activating your superfans… then getting them to grow your community for you even more

Check out my interview on Digital Download here.



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