The resistance phenomenon when investing in growth

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There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when we think about investing, and then invest in a program or mastermind.

And I say ‘we’ because I’ve been through this and I’d boldly suggest that most of us do it at some point.

It’s a bit of a journey, in fact for some it’s more of an emotional rollercoaster.

Here’s how it goes:

You know that things could be better in your business. You may have tried a few things but so far they haven’t quite panned out. You either know what the gap is you need to fix or you’re not sure what that is yet, but you know something needs to be fixed.

You look around at potential programs/courses/ masterminds/coaches for help or you spot a launch and you read more.

You spot one one or two potential solutions that could help. You stalk the person leading the course/program/ mastermind to see if there’s chemistry, and there is. You get excited thinking ‘this could be it!’.

Then the doubts creep in. What if this is like all the others? What if you cant get the results? What if everyone else in there is better than you? What if you buy it and then don’t show up or complete it … again? What if you sabotage … again?

You start to make excuses: I cant afford it now. I have no time for this. My partner wont agree to another investment. I’ll do the next round.

So you do one of two things; (a) you convince yourself not to invest, even though you desperately want to, while you watch as others join, feeling all the FOMO knowing that deep down you’re still going to be in the same place, with the same problems 6 months, heck maybe a year from now.

Or (b) you sign up, full of fear still but excited, sometimes euphoric that this may be the solution you’re looking for.

If you’re (b) in this scenario, you start your program/ mastermind full of enthusiasm. You already have clear expectations in your head and convince yourself that this time, it will be different. This will be the answer to all your problems.

The first couple of months or modules are great, you are full of enthusiasm, you show up, all is well. But as you learn and grow doubts creep in and confidence decreases, even though you HAVE learnt more and you are growing, it doesn’t feel that way.

At this point some people realise this is simply resistance and take personal responsibility for that, working through their core beliefs that are being kicked-up because of what’s going on. This is good, this is part of the journey and part of growth. Or they just stop, because the resistance has taken hold and they just cant move forward, fully accepting that this is about them, not the program/ mastermind. I’ll be honest, I’ve been in both of these scenarios and the second one sucks. It was a big lesson in how I deal with this stuff and, thankfully, its not happened again.

But, sadly, others go a different journey – let’s call this (c), blaming the program, the coach, whoever. (Now this scenario is assuming that the program/mastermind is delivering on the promise – I know there are some that don’t and those should be treated differently). The guys on this route talk to other members of the program/mastermind to complain about it, creating unrest. All the while unable to take responsibility for their situation because that means accepting there is something deeper to work on and that’s scary – it’s far easier to lay the blame elsewhere. So they either try to leave – because it’s the programs fault – or they begrudgingly continue, caught in a cycle of blame.

It’s likely that these guys then stay where they are, getting more and more angry that this isn’t working for them, even though they’re not actually doing the work.

The b’s that stay with the discomfort of growth and keep showing up, keep learning, keep doing the inner work, growing in both competence and confidence as they take aligned action. These are the guys that make it.

Sadly the a’s and c’s often move to the next program/mastermind in the hopes that THIS is the one. And the cycle continues.

In chatting to my peers and clients, this is a common phenomenon amongst us all and it’s important to be aware of what’s going on with each person, giving them the support they need for where they are. It’s not always easy, but as leaders it’s our role to hold space for this.

I’ve purposely designed two systems that help to deal with each of these scenarios, both before someone signs up with me and after. The Sales System and The Customer Experience System, which flags up if this might be happening so we can deal with it swiftly, as each type of person in this scenario needs support and managing.

And these systems are just two I’ll be sharing with my Elevate Mastermind in the all new Elevate Academy, which holds the essential systems online business owners need to implement in their business to grow and scale (but more on that soon!).


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