On rewriting our stories

Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show I’m talking about the importance of rewriting some of the stories we tell ourselves.

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We all make up stories as a way to explain our experience of life. As we grow, we justify and explain away events with these stories, and we continue to do so, even though most of these stem from childhood.

Often you’ll see that these stories become self-fulfilling prophecies; if you believe a certain thing about yourself, it will start being true.

No matter how confident someone might seem on the outside, they will be making up their own stories.

How many times have you told yourself that you’re not good enough to do xyz? You can’t write decent copy. You’re crap with numbers. You’re not meant to do this, you’re no good at that. If I said these things to you, you’d think I was really mean… but you still say them to yourself.

I often find that these stories that we tell ourselves are the very things to keep us small.

There are stories I’ve been telling myself for years – that money doesn’t come easily, for example. That’s a story I’m trying to rewrite at the moment. Another example would be the parental guilt a lot of us feel, or calling ourselves stupid for making a mistake.

We can rewrite all of the mean things we say to ourselves, and rewire our brains. This is how we can unlock our true potential (in business and in life). This is how we stop holding ourselves back. This is how we stop ourselves from staying small.

My tip for today is to take some time to examine these stories that are so ingrained in your mind. Pull out a pen and just start writing.

Once you’ve written those stories as they are, you have the power to rewrite them. Replace them with a positive story, and remind yourself of these new beliefs every time one of those old blocks rears its head.

Don’t get me wrong, doubt will creep in every now and then, but the more you fill your mind with positive stories and affirmations, the more shifts you’ll see.

I’d love for you to get in touch and share your stories (old and new).

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