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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show I’m talking about how to break out of “hustle mode”.

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This belief that we have to be doing it all is a common problem for business owners.

When you’re just starting out it’s great to know how to do everything yourself, but ultimately, we all reach a point where we start getting the results, and yet we can’t enjoy it, because we just have so much on.

It doesn’t help that we have to deal with so many people what we “should” be doing – funnels, and evergreen sequences, and lead engines, and Facebook ads, and Linkedin, and… you get the picture.

As a one man (or woman) band, or as an entrepreneur with a tiny team, it can be a real struggle to get it all done. It’s mind-blowing at times.

In this episode I’m sharing four pieces of advice to help you deal with getting stuck in that hamster wheel of overwhelm.

(Not counting the most important one of all… don’t panic! Take a breather.)

Review everything you’ve done.

Log every single marketing activity that’s taking up your time, no matter how big or small. I recommend putting all of this in a spreadsheet, so that you can easily track your numbers.

What’s your social media reach? How’s your engagement? Log your page views. Is your email list going up? And your online community? Any click-throughs? What are your main traffic sources? Which lead magnets are converting really well? How effective are your sales sequences? How many people are responding to your emails?

You get the idea.

I use both Google Analytics and Cyfe to monitor and review my various analytics. These will help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Cut out the stuff that isn’t working.

If something isn’t working for your business, stop it. Just because a particular activity helps other people get results doesn’t mean that it will suit you.

There’s no rule that says you have to stop those things FOREVER, just for now, press pause on the activities that aren’t bringing you results.

Get strategic (for 90 days).

I’m a huge advocate for working in 90 day chunks, you’ve probably seen that by now.

Give yourself a clean slate and think about how you can strategically increase your income. You’ve freed up all this time by cutting out activities that aren’t serving you, so put that time (and energy) into things that will have an impact for you.

At the end of this 90 day process you’ll have a sharper framework or that particular activity, and your laser focus will allow you to keep doing it while bringing in money and starting to scale.

Review everything you’ve done (again).

After this focused, strategic, 90 day period, review everything you’ve been doing.

Again, look at your numbers, and then take a look at how you feel about each of these techniques you’ve been trying. How can you improve your process? Could you outsource, or invest in a new tool to save time?

Review your progress closely, and as you step forward, do more of that thing that’s working. You can also start adding back a few of those things you cut out at the beginning (if you like, you don’t have to!).

Rinse and repeat these four steps as often as you need to. Scaling your business in an incremental way is so much more sensible, and so much less overwhelming, trust me.

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