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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about creating content that converts without losing your authenticity. This is something I get asked about a lot.

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People can get quite scared of creating content. The come up with blocks around it, saying things like “I can’t write”. I was actually one of those people for a long time – I truly believed I couldn’t write, so I hired my copywriter, Daire.

Interestingly, once I hired her and the pressure was off, I found myself much more able to write.

People also struggle with getting their opinion across and figuring out how to actually connect with people. The trick is to find your flow. Find your little groove that helps you connect – for me it was this podcast. At the beginning, I was afraid of visibility, but podcasting unlocked my fear and got me being me, without worrying about all the mistakes.

Actually sharing those mistakes is what has helped me attract and connect with all the right people.

But this isn’t just an episode about creating content that connects with people, this is about creating content that converts. In other words, sells.

It can feel a bit “ick”. It can feel completely wrong. It can go from being in flow to being super rigid and disconnecting us from our people. This is a really common problem, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are four things that can really help you to convert with your content – I’m not a natural with this, it’s something I’ve had to work at (so there really is hope!)

Change your mindset around selling

Selling is not evil. If you’re not selling, you don’t have a business.

Also, selling isn’t a horrible thing to do to someone, it’s actually helping. Selling is simply the extension of the help you’re already giving people in your free content.

Understand your people deeply

If you understand your customers’ pain points, problems, desires and dreams then you can really connect with them. You can make your content about all of those things.

You can show them that you understand, and you can offer them the solution that resonates.

Write what you’re passionate about

(Not what the “gurus” tell you to focus on.)

This makes whatever you share feel “real” because it’s true to you. It will be filled with genuine stories and heartfelt support. Having that emotional connection in your content is like gold dust.

Show up every day

People crave consistency and they trust consistency. Just show up in some way that feels really natural to you – it doesn’t have to be super structured. In fact, if it isn’t scripted it will feel a lot more authentic.

The trust you create by showing up every day is what encourages sales from the right customers and clients.

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