My tool de jour: Buffer

Most social folk tend to have their own special way of doing things. A suite of favourite platforms, a certain way of using them and the tools that tie it all together. I’m no different. A big part of my social strategy is to curate and share interesting content and I have a list of around 100 blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader, which I set aside time to trawl through daily to find the latest news on marketing, pr, social and digital. Any great content is then bookmarked using Delicious (for my own future reference, but also anyone that wants to subscribe to that feed) and then scheduled to be tweeted out using the internal scheduler in Hootsuite. However, that did take quite some time and I had to set the time myself to ensure the tweets were spaced out (well I don’t want to bombard people with content all in one go).

Then along came Buffer. So simple, yet so effective. What buffer does is with it’s handy little plugins is allow you to save the content to your Buffer account, kind of like a little bucket of content. In your settings you can then set when you want tweets to be sent out. Then Buffer will sent out that content, one by one, at the times you’ve set. You can also do this with Facebook (which is a brilliant way of ensuring your content is different on the two platforms … a personal bug bear of mine). If you use as your shortener in buffer, you can also make use of the stats, something I liked about the Hootsuite scheduler. You can earn more space on your free Buffer account by inviting more people and can add people to the account if you have a team that Tweet from a company profile (another reason I’m recommending this to my clients, who are also loving it).

Now I wouldn’t use this type of automation for engagement, that just wouldn’t work. But as a tool for curating content, it works brilliantly. So to the Buffer Boys, I thank you. Oh, and can we add Linked In and Google Plus soon please?

Do you have any fantastic tools you can’t live without? If so, please share …



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