Belief + trust = the secret to happiness and success

I’ve talked a lot about the early days of my business, that was really forced into being after I lost my job while 7 months pregnant with my son. This part of my story is one of the big reasons I’m so passionate about helping women flourish in business – struggling mums in particular.

I was recently featured on MamaFuel¬†podcast, where we delved into my story in more depth than ever before – seriously, there’s some deep, dark stuff in there, but there’s also a bit of inspiration too.

MamaFuel is run by the lovely Anne Ferguson, one of my beloved masterminders. You know I’ve got a soft spot for that lot. Her purpose in life is to nourish and nurture mamas who haven’t been putting themselves first. She helps them start to love themselves a bit more, feel better (inside and out) and connect to a community that “gets it”. You can find out more about her work here.

Listen here:

We talk:

  • How I went from “hell” to living the life of my dreams
  • How I learned to truly believe in myself
  • The rocky road of starting a business (but why it’s worth it)
  • How to come out of the other side of the struggle tunnel

Note: we do discuss some quite triggering topics (bullying and sexual abuse) so do be aware of that before you get stuck in.

Listen to my interview on MamaFuel here.


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