My biggest regrets in business (even though I don’t believe in regrets)

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I always say that I don’t really believe in regrets.

I like to think that every single experience (the good and the bad) shape us. They make us who we are. They give us the layers, the stories, the personal quirks that make us so bloody interesting!

BUT there are definitely things I wish I would have done sooner. They’re all things I got to eventually, but I can only imagine where I’d be (and where my business would be!) had I made each of them a priority earlier on…

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Dealing with my limiting beliefs

I was 3 years into before I started tackling my visibility and those fears of not being enough. My income and impact EXPLODED as soon as I did that work.

Getting savvy with my finances

For the longest time, I avoided dealing with the nitty-gritty money stuff and this was quite the mistake. Your finances are SO important to your life and business, so they should be a real priority. Treat money with respect and it will do the same to you.

Pausing the comparisons

Turns out that comparing myself to others was a total waste of time. Who knew? I actually have another way to deal with comparisonitis, I’ll share more on that soon.

Believing in myself

I kept questioning if I was any good for AGES. I was convinced I’d never be as good as all those big-name Internet gurus. But then I had a realisation – it was often a case of who shouted the loudest, not who was the most talented. As it turns out I’m just as good, if not better, than a lot of them (or so say my clients!). Just do you, boo.

Listening to my intuition

I have some amazingly deep, spiritual gifts. I’m an empath and I feel a LOT. I get some mind-blowing downloads that always have a positive result. I’m a master manifestor and have always managed to create success in my life – even when I thought it was just luck. For some reason, I’ve only just started tuning into these gifts over the past year. For the past couple of years, my gut had been telling to focus on small business owners and ditch my big brands, but I was scared of losing the corporates (because £££). But now that I’ve done it, I haven’t looked back. I’m in full alignment, I’m earning more than ever and every day feels fun and easy.

Investing in the right coaches

I’ve made some mistakes in this area, but now I know how to find the right person for me, the one who will really help me grow. Each year I get clear on my biggest weakness, or the biggest thing blocking my growth, and I find someone to help me with that,

Scrapping anything I don’t enjoy

I no longer do ANYTHING that doesn’t light me up. My business is about joy and ease. so if I don’t like doing it, I’ll outsource it. I wish I’d started doing that sooner as the quality of my work has gone up considerably since I did!

Protecting my inner circle and choosing my business buddies wisely

I’ve been stung in the past and that HURTS. But I’ve learned to protect my bubble and only go where the energy feels good. I adore the people I get to hang out with, and I learn so much from them. Protect your bubble, gang. Only let good energy in and steer clear of any toxicity.

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