Mindset. Treat it with care.

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We’ve already touched on how running a business is the greatest personal development journey you’ll ever go on.

Well, today I’d like to take that a step further and talk about the one four-letter-word that sits happily behind all of our mindset blocks.

And that four letter word is FEAR.

We fear judgement, failure, success, showing up and so many other things. And they take over our lives.

But these fears are created from past experiences and past trauma.

They run so deep that they can easily cause bigger problems if not treated correctly.

We need to give them the care and attention they deserve and we need to give ourselves support and love to ensure we heal and grow in the right way for us.

Finding the right mentor or coach for this is hugely important to your growth.

One that recognises the depth of these issues.

One who can help you to work on them with care.

One who can refer you onto a therapist if you need to go deeper to heal old wounds.

I’ve spent so much time working on my own issues. Issues created from some pretty heavy past experiences. I’ve had cognitive behavioural therapy. I’ve had hypnotherapy. I’ve had kinesiology…

And I’ve designed my own mindset routines that help my head and heart heal and grow.

This work is integral to my success and it’s an ongoing process.

Because we don’t FIX ourselves. It’s not about fixing. It’s about understanding, healing and growing.

So if you saw yourself in my last post (or this one), ensure those pesky bocks are treated with the care and attention they deserve. Because YOU deserve it.

Future you will thank you for it.


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