Marketing essentials for 2019

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Think about where you are with your own marketing. If you’re lacking in anything, make it a priority to get better, to learn it, whether it’s just through reading a book, or doing a course, or whatever. Get better at it, because it’s an investment that you really need.

In this episode of The Simply Smart Business Show, I share some of the most important marketing activities for you to focus on as you grow your business this year.

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Let’s look at the specifics that you should be focusing on this year to take your marketing to the next level

You need to listen more. Sadly, in this online space, there’s so much broadcasting and shouting, and there’s not enough listening. How strong is their need to solve the problem that you solve? What kind of content and marketing do they need to tip them over the edge and to make them approach you and become your client or your customer? You really need to understand where they are at in terms of knowing you, where their need is, but also in terms of their problems and their dreams.

Be super clear on who your ideal paying customer is. The ones that are ready to invest, the ones you want to work with, the ones that you think are really fully aligned with you and the way that you work, the people that you really believe you’re going to be able to get good results for, understand who those guys are, and then be really clear in your messaging about targeting them, because you want to be attracting your ideal client. Not just anybody.

Go deep on your messaging. It’s about showing up and being real and being vulnerable sometimes. This strong messaging really, really connects, and it will turn the content that you’re creating, the websites, sales pages, social media content, blogs, videos, lives, podcasts, whatever, into very, very, very powerful marketing activities that draw people to you and creates that audience. That’s really what you want so now is not the time to scrimp on the messaging piece.

Understand who YOU are. You want to be clear on who you are, thinking about your why, your positioning, your branding. All of your marketing needs to show you as the expert that you are and create trust, so you need to extra effort into that so that they connect with you. I think that’s all about telling your story and being vulnerable.

Build an audience. It’s not about size. It’s really not about size. It’s about a real audience that’s invested in you. If you’ve done the other work, if you’ve done the homework, if you’ve done the research, if you’ve created powerful messaging then you’re more likely to pull the right people to you who want to be your audience, who want to be connected to you. As I said, it doesn’t have to be big. Smaller audiences that are more connected can convert far higher and have much longer stronger relationships.

Focus on fewer platforms. Choose what you love doing on social media, because if you love doing it, it shows, and people really flock to you. Focus on one or two things. Do them really well. Show up every day, and then with all of the other channels, if you to have a presence there, you can just use them for content distribution.

Create powerful content. Content drives everything. Once you’ve created that really deep messaging, you need the content to deliver it. Put together some well-researched, well thought out pieces and then repurpose the hell out of them. Make all of your content work really hard for you.

And never, ever get bogged down by the latest scare. The digital world is ever evolving, so things will change and that’s ok.

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