Lovin’: Hootsuite Gets An Upgrade – The Cube’s Review

[tweetmeme] I’m sure we all felt the same sequence of emotions when we logged into our Hootsuite accounts after the upgrade: surprise, bewilderment, a fleeting moment of frustration, and then – excitement. Yes, a new Hootsuite has arrived. Not one entirely different to its predecessor, but a new one nonetheless.

Looking just that little bit sleeker, simpler and even easier to navigate, Hootsuite has improved some of its key features, as well as adding a whole suite of new ones.

Some of the more subtle design tweaks made to sharpen-up the all-new HTML5 dashboard are:

  • Notification icons
  • 3 new themes: Classic, Blue Steel and Magnum (see below)
  • A home feed ‘break-bar’ which when clicked-on loads more tweets, and – who could forget..
  • The adorably animated Hootsuite owl (available with the Blue Steel theme only), which acts as a new launch button aggregating all of its services.


Blue Steel


However, what makes the new Hootsuite exciting is threefold: its geo-located search tool, its native Twitter ReTweets, and its integrated Google Analytics – great developments all three.

With these new features, managing multiple profiles, fan pages and accounts has already become much easier and, with the new Facebook previews feature added, noticeably more sophisticated too.

The drag-and-drop feature also lets you share images more easily and the handy keyboard shortcuts also speeds up the entire networking process. Other new developments include the new ‘Help’ and ‘Apps and Plugins’ features, which allow you to use Hootsuite on the move and on a variety of different devices.

All in all, the new Hootsuite5 gets a thumbs up from the Cube. There are still one or two issues with upload speeds and unsent updates when Twitter is over-capacity, but for now, Hootsuite is certainly a cut above the rest.


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  1. Nikki Groom says:

    Thanks for the breakdown, Gem. I use Hootsuite, but have to admit I’m one of those who gets stuck in without reading the instructions, so your summary was useful – thank you!

  2. Gemma Went says:

    No problem Nikster

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