Looking Back To Jump Forwards

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Create Your Breakthrough Business: Looking back to jump forwards

I’m so excited to delve into the second in the series of Create Your Breakthrough Business. If you’re doing all the things, are feeling frustrated as everyone around you has big breakthroughs and wondering, “When is it going to be me?” then this is for you.

Missed the first in the series? Go back to learn about the importance of creating your vision. In this episode, I’m talking about one of three big mistakes I see that keep you from creating that big breakthrough in your business – not designing the right strategy for you.

With so many methods, theories, channels and tactics available to create success, you can end up creating what I call the ‘spaghetti strategy’ by trying everything, even when you’re at full capacity. This happens because:

  • You don’t have clarity or belief in you or your business
  • You aren’t clear on your purpose, who you serve, their biggest pain or their biggest desires 
  • You don’t have painkiller offers
  • You don’t know how to reach, nurture and convert your people 
  • You aren’t clear on how to serve and give your people what you’ve promised
  • You don’t know how to implement the right systems in your business

Take a listen to discover how to stop the overwhelm and streamline your strategy.

Listen to this episode here.

Takeaways from this show:

Streamline your strategy

Keep it simple. Overwhelm will only ever keep you stuck while simplicity creates momentum. Get clear what works for you, and declutter the rest.

Only learn from a handful of experts who you trust, align with your values and have proven they know what they’re talking about. 

Be ruthless in your what you focus on and have the strength to stay in your lane.

The Power Of One

  • ideal paying customer
  • big problem you solve or one big desire you bring to life
  • offer to make that happen or to solve the problem
  • main content format
  • social media platform to go all in on
  • nurturing system
  • repurposing system

Create laser sharp focus on revenue generating activities only. e.g. Content creation and repurposing; Regular promotions; funnels, launches, lead generation activities; audience building, engagement and nurturing; sales followup and conversion; customer delivery and experience; data analysis and projections; creating partnership relationships that are going to support your business and open new doors for you.

Don’t waste time scrolling the grid or newsfeed, spending all day in Facebook groups, procrastibranding, comparisonitis, perfectionism, faffing around with your website, too much research, buying all the courses and not doing them, looking for the silver bullet (there isn’t one), getting caught up in all of the drama on social media.

Create a list of learnings to guide your future strategy 

I love this quote from James Wedmore, “You’ll either get the result you wanted or the lesson you needed.” Learn to see failures as big, bright, shiny opportunities for your growth. Look at where you’ve gone wrong, where you didn’t get results, where you got in your own way AND celebrate your wins, no matter how small. 

Align with your vision

What is your vision for your personal life? What is your vision for your professional life, for your business? Understand what it takes to make that happen and design your business and life to support your family, health and joy.

Create your focus (journal on these)

  • What can you remove to improve your focus? 
  • What are the core areas of focus for you? 
  • How can you enable a real kind of depth of focus? 
  • How can you handle areas where you’ve struggled differently going forward? 
  • What support do you need to ensure focus and forward momentum? 
  • How can you support and grow the belief you need in yourself? 


  • Look back at the revenue generating activities we touched on and schedule them in
  • Think about how you can simplify to create the space you need
  • Look at how you can lock in some laser sharp focus in your business
  • Think about how you can implement The Power Of One into your strategy so you’re only focusing on the things that are absolutely right for you. 


For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.