It’s a lonely life being an entrepreneur

It’s a lonely old life when you’re an entrepreneur. Most of us sit at home alone, working on our businesses for a huge amount of time.

In fact, if you actually work that out, you could be spending almost HALF of your time alone. Every single week.

Now for introverts like me, that might not be a problem (I love my own company), but for others, I know this is a big struggle.

Loneliness can make you feel isolated – like you have no support. It can make you question yourself and wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

And then when you step into the online world, where you can reach out to people, you start to feel connected again. Until nasty things like FOMO and comparisonitis take hold and you feel like you’re falling behind, missing out or just not as good as everyone else (and we’ve all had those feelings, honey).

So how to deal with it?

Much of this is mindset work and getting strict with yourself.

Spotting when you’re spiralling or feeling isolated is key. Reaching out to business buddies who get it or simply going out to work in a cafe for a few hours can help to stop that in its tracks.

If you find yourself endlessly scrolling Facebook (or other social platforms) then limit yourself. There’s a fantastic Chrome plugin called Newsfeed Eradicator that stops the updates and only shows you the stuff that matters.

Get outside, and just walk. The fresh air gives us a whole new perspective (which is easy for me, as I have two very excitable cocker spaniels that drag me around the countryside when I need some air).

Focus on the things that will move your business forward. Think of your big vision, your big goals, the future you that you want to become. If you’re spending hours in your inbox, on social media, on admin work and not in your zone of genius, doing the things that will help you to evolve and grow, then you need to stop. NOW.

Join an online group or mastermind that will connect you with like-minded souls who genuinely have your back. This is SO important. Your online tribe can really help combat loneliness. Finding the right one to support you and help you evolve is essential to any solo business owner working from home. This is why masterminds are at the core of my business, I see how people light up once they have that camaraderie and daily support they need.

I hope this has helped you feel like you don’t have to do it alone. And if you do feel lonely or isolated, find the right tribe that will help you through it.

Your future you will thank you if you do.



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