Livestreaming tips to explode your Blabs, Scopes and more

Live video has taken the internet by storm over the past year or so, and completely transformed how we approach video marketing.

Gone are the days of spending hour after hour, planning, filming and editing each and every broadcast. Now it’s all about creating content on the fly, and sharing a more personal, guerilla-style snapshot of our business offerings.

A few different platforms have come and gone, but as of right now the most popular ones are Periscope, Blab and Facebook Live (more on each of these in our Simply Smart Livestreaming Guide).

As with any form of content, getting started can be the trickiest part – and those feelings are amplified when you’re LIVE in front of an audience.

Let everyone know where you are

About to start your broadcast? Tweet about it, or drop a note in a couple of your favourite Facebook groups to let your community know.

If you’re hosting your livestream through Blab, you can take it even further and set it up in advance (making it much easier to share with your email list).

Roll out the welcome mat

Taking a few minutes to welcome your viewers is livestreaming best practice. Acknowledge new joiners, and answer any initial questions they have.

You want to set boundaries though for this portion of your broadcast, and make these clear. You don’t want to get dragged too far off topic, and you certainly don’t want viewers to get bored of all the hellos.

This also a great time to encourage live viewers to share your broadcast (which is super simple on every platform).

Break the ice

During this intro time, ask your live viewers a question or two to break the ice. You might sometimes find that your audience is a bit quiet to start with (especially if you’re a fairly new livestreamer), and having a bank of generic questions to hand can help you get around that.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Where are you watching from today?
  • What are you working on today?
  • What are you avoiding today?


Every livestreaming platform gives viewers the opportunity to make comments – take advantage of that functionality and encourage your followers to ask questions.

If you really don’t want to stray off topic, save a portion at the end of the broadcast to invite questions.

You can also make a note of these questions, and use them to inspire future content.

Wait – there are so many other ways to harness live video for the benefit of your business. Download our Simply Smart Livestreaming Guide by clicking the image below:


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