Listen, Share, Engage: Have You Got the Balance Right?

[tweetmeme] Twitter has made multitaskers of us all. From the moment we sign-in to the moment we sign-out, we become immersed in the following three activities: listening, sharing and engaging – and all at the same time. The only difference is, the time we spend on each.

As you’d expect, the way we tweet is very much a reflection of our personality. In a recent post entitled Which social media type are you?, Chris Street – like other social media types before him – likens the Twitter-sphere to a party: there are those who prefer to stand in the background and observe (‘The Listener’), those who are confident speakers and enjoy taking centre-stage (‘The Sharer’) and those who like to network and mingle (‘The Engager’).

Party metaphors aside, let me assure you that the aim of this post is not to cyber-stereotype or Twitter-typecast, but rather, to serve as a simple reminder of the value of taking a step back and reviewing your tweeting activity. Is your profile spammed with RT’s? Does it consist of a rather lengthy conversation with one or two people? Maybe it’s become a list of sporadic questions and thoughts? (To be honest, it’s normally a bit of all three). But if you begin to see a pattern emerging, don’t forget to check yourself and apply the party scenario:

If you’re the one standing at the back with a drink in your hand, why not try sparking a conversation with the person standing next to you (or better yet, with the person you’ve been eyeing all night?). If you’re the one dishing out content like canapés, why not try taking a cheeky bite yourself and telling others what you think? And finally, if you’re the one on the podium thinking you’re the life and soul of the party, you may want to stop and take a closer look around you –you may find that no-one is actually listening.

Which are you?

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