Link Recap: Twitter Tips // Psychology Principles // Leadership … and more

Happy Monday everyone. Here are the top 5 posts I shared with you last week:

  1. Want to increase your engagement on Twitter but not sure how to? Take a look at these tips 5 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR TWITTER ENGAGEMENT  
  2. This was my personal favourite. Read how psychology could help your content marketing SIX PSYCHOLOGY PRINCIPLES THAT CAN HELP YOUR CONTENT MARKETING
  3. Are you a leader? Take a look at which type you are WHICH TYPE OF LEADER ARE YOU? A LOOK AT 6 DISTINCT LEADERSHIP STYLES [INFOGRAPHIC] 
  4. Here are three useful hacks to promote your LinkedIn page 3 HACKS FOR LINKEDIN SUCCESS
  5. Ever thought of using Twitter for recruiting? Take a look at these infographics HOW TO USE TWITTER FOR RECRUITING [INFOGRAPHIC] 

See you again next week.



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