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[tweetmeme]As regular readers will know, I recently sat on a panel at the latest Likeminds event in Exeter (videopost of my thoughts from the event here). It was a great event with some kick ass speakers that made quite an impact and talked a lot of sense.I wanted to share all their presentations with you here, but alas Chris Brogan didn’t use one as he presents a little more ‘on the fly’. I do, however, have a link to video of his talk. I also haven’t manged to get my mitts on John Bell from Ogilvy’s presentation, but will be sure to add that as and when I do. For now, I leave you with Jon Akawue, Joanne Jacobs, Olivier Blanchard and Yann Gourvennec. I hope you enjoy them.

Jon Akawue

[slideshare id=3407279&doc=jonathanakwuelikeminds-100312041850-phpapp01&type=d]

Joanne Jacobs

[slideshare id=3314816&doc=likemindsjj-100302100108-phpapp01]

The Brand Builder

[slideshare id=3448217&doc=likeminds2010presentation-100316141741-phpapp01]

Yann Gourvennec

[slideshare id=3406658&doc=likeminds-orange-business-social-media-v1-100312022201-phpapp02]

Chris Brogan

View his video here.


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