Likeminds 2010 : A true people to people social media conference

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[tweetmeme]On Friday 26th February I attended the Likeminds social media conference in Exeter. Readers that have been with me for a while (and for that I thank you) will remember a review of the first Likeminds event last year. The second was even better.

I recorded my highlights today, which are shown in the video below. But ahead of that there are a few additions. The buzz, the openness, the connections made with other attendees and speakers was outstanding. I only wish I could have had time to speak to more people. The keynote speakers were top notch. Three stood out, which I talk about in the vid, but in addition Jonathan Akwue, who opened the show, was inspiring with his outsiders view of social media. John Bell gave us some great insight into the importance of strategy and how they do it at Ogilvy. The panels were insightful as the discussion was opened up to the audience as well as the panelists themselves. I was delighted to sit on one of these panels myself, following John’s talk. Thankfully the event was live streamed, so if you missed it you can view the streams here. I really do recommend it.

But as wonderful as the speakers and panels were, the true value to me is the stuff that goes on in between. The conversations that are facilitated by the conference. The chatting over lunch. Debating over a pint in the evening. Joking over dinner. You really can’t beat real life interaction.

The video shows what I’ve taken from the event. Apologies for the quality and shaky arm, it was a bit windy at the beach.



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  1. Great summary for the non-attender. Really interesting stuff Gemma (love the location too!).
    As a relative social `media` novice – the `media` word has always confused me somewhat, and I love that the word `communications` has been suggested. It makes it more about the people and the content, than the technology – which is right. One client I work with in particular has really emphasised the word communications in some of the recruitment assignments they have given me.
    What a peculiar, but fulfilling thought, that the need for better corporate cohesion between HR/Marketing/IT etc in creating effective social communications policy was also prevelant in a couple of discussions at the The Recruitment Unconference that I was at last week. Our industry is also grappling how social media/comms can be best used in organisations with varying to sporadic internal engagement.
    I have been told by those who went, I need to be at #LikeMinds next year, and your blog is further encouragement that I certainly should be there! (hopefully not so much of novice then…!)

  2. Gemma Went says:

    Thanks Steve, I’m pleased this stuff is being discussed elsewhere too. The point was raised that Likeminds was heavily attended by practitioners rather than organisations and businesses, so please do attend next time. We need people on the front line to get involved in these discussions.

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