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In the early days of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if it’s possible to do business your own way (clue: it is).

But here’s the truth: In order to take the leaps needed to be a truly successful entrepreneur, you simply have to learn to trust yourself.

In this episode of Be the change, I’m joined by biz mentor Ruth Ridgeway, to talk about learning to listen to your own gut and intuition alongside your coach or mentor’s advice (instead of putting someone else’s advice above your own wisdom)

Be the change is a mini-series here on The Simply Smart Business Show where I get down to it with leaders in the online business world to talk about the problems facing our industry today and (most importantly) how we can create the changes we want to see.

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Takeaways from this show:

  • Listen to your own inner wisdom. Take the guidance of trusted mentors and coaches but also make sure you’re in alignment with your values, how you want to grow your business and your own instincts.
  • In the early days of business it’s easy to doubt yourself and wonder if you can do business your own way. Despite the noise online claiming that if you follow some specific steps you’ll get a specific result, the truth is that there is no one formula for success. 
  • Don’t give away your power by becoming codependent on a mentor or coach and stop thinking for yourself. Too many people are doing course after course, and hiring mentor after mentor and never actually go out and try things for themselves.
  • Just because you’ve heard that Webinars or challenges or Instagram are the way to get new clients, it doesn’t mean it’s what’s in alignment with you. E.g. Webinars may not be for you if you’re an amazing writer and can connect with your audience with storytelling instead. When you take too much outside advice you can start doubting yourself.
  • Self doubt can show up in false beliefs such as, “Oh well I’m just obviously crap at business,” rather than, “I’m not in alignment with this activity and it doesn’t light me up, so I’m going to try something else”. Don’t blame yourself when something doesn’t work and use it as an excuse to hide your talent.
  • Start with yourself first and know where your strengths and weaknesses are so you can identify gaps. If you know you’re a good writer but your writing isn’t converting into sales, you can see that’s a weak spot and maybe hiring somebody or buying a course that will do that specific thing is the right next step.

How to trust your own guidance: 

  • When you make decisions that are out of alignment, it’s usually coming from a fear based place, e.g. “I don’t know enough”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not qualified enough”. Practice tuning into the mind, heart and gut for guidance on your decisions and see what comes up.
  • Ask simple questions. E.g. what would feel really easy right now? What would be fun right now? Or what would feel really simple right now? How would it feel really fun to market my business? How would it feel to book more clients? Come at it from a playful and curious space.

Listen to this episode here.

More on Ruth here: 

Ruth Ridgeway is a Business Mentor helping women let go of fear, doubt and uncertainty and build their business from a place of love.

Ruth’s also a fierce advocate for self love (it’s where it all starts) and learning to be kinder to yourself each day.

Find her free 10 Day Self Love Challenge to kickstart your own self love journey here :

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