Let’s talk about aligning your business with nature’s cycles


I work with a lot of women and I know many really struggle to do their work around their menstrual cycle.

My advice? Redesign your business to suit you. 

If you want to find out how, have a listen to my latest podcast interview with feminine empowerment guide, Tamsin Crimmens about how to align your business with the menstrual, moon and earth cycles for more magnetism, creativity and flow.

Be the change is a mini-series here on The Simply Smart Business Show where I get down to it with leaders in the online business world to talk about the problems facing our industry today and (most importantly) how we can create the changes we want to see.

Takeaways from this show:

  • Many women are still designing their working life in line with masculine, linear structures, which doesn’t serve us because we’re cyclical beings, and there is great power in that.
  • Our menstrual cycle aligns perfectly with the cycles of the moon and the earth:
    • Menstruation; New Moon; Inner Winter: slow down, go inwards, rest, say no, look after yourself instead of others, so that inspiration can strike and you can shore up energy for the rest of the cycle
    • Pre-ovulation; Waxing Moon; Inner Spring: creative ideas start to be birthed. Move from inspiration into action now.
    • Ovulation; Full Moon; Inner Summer: High energy, glowing skin, confidence and risk-taking. Film videos, meet with clients, give speeches and presentations.
    • Pre-menstruation; Waning Moon; Inner Autumn: don’t resist what your body naturally needs, otherwise tension and the inner critic come out. Don’t ignore the guidance to release people, projects and plans that don’t serve you now.
  • There’s been a lot of negative conditioning about menstruation. But this natural cycle teaches us to not always push through; that taking time to let go, be quiet and reflect can have huge pay-offs in your business.
  • Instead of just setting intentions with the new moon then forgetting about it; work with the full cycle of the moon to create space and let go of anything holding you back, so you can create space for new opportunities.
  • Tamsin’s tips for cyclical living: 1) Use an app or paper planner to track your cycle, the phase of the moon, moods and physical symptoms so you can better plan when you’re going to be at your most creative and when to schedule client-facing activities that require more confidence. 2) Connect with your intuition and body wisdom by placing one hand on the heart and one on the womb space and developing a relationship of gratitude rather than punishment 3) Practice yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to calm your nervous system and better align with the natural rhythms of your body.

Listen to this episode here:

More on Tamsin Crimmens here:

Tamsin is a writer, yoga teacher and feminine empowerment guide. She empowers women to live cyclically with the menstrual, earth and moon rhythms so they can express their essence and birth their dreams.

Tamsin works with women craving genuine connection to tune into their inner wisdom and reclaim their feminine power, cyclical wisdom and sensual pleasure.

She weaves spiritual practice, sacred storytelling, and sisterhood into all her offerings, from online rituals, to women’s circles, 1:1 womb healing and menstrual mentoring. 

As someone who has been on a long healing journey, it’s Tamsin mission to pass on the healing tools that have helped her to as many women as possible.

Visit Tamsin’s website here: 

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