Wondering if joining a mastermind the right choice for your business?

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I think you probably know by now that I’m super passionate about masterminds – but it’s not just because I run them… promise!

I also join a mastermind as a member every year – surrounding yourself with people that support your growth is essential as an entrepreneur… and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Recently I’ve been chatting to some of the “big” entrepreneurs in my network and they were kind enough to share their thoughts on the benefits of taking part in a mastermind experience. So if you’ve been wondering if joining a mastermind is the right choice for you and your business… read on.

Do you want to be of service AND hang around with super smart people?

My own business has doubled year on year – often quarter to quarter – rocket charged by the support of my own Mastermind group. The secret? you learn as much from helping others as being helped. You’re supported, held accountable and they’re super fun. Basically, masterminds are a way to hang out with super smart people and learn from them.

Liz Scully, Founder at Rethink Central and creator of the International Mastermind Certificate

Do you want to accelerate your progress?

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely endeavour. Masterminds have helped me to connect with people who understand and can relate to the challenges I face. They have also been a great way to get one-on-one attention and feedback from business owners I look up to and want to model my business after. Join a mastermind if you want to accelerate your progress and create a valuable network of peers.

Verick Wayne, Founder of Modern Platform Media

Do you need a fresh perspective?

I’ve been participating in mastermind groups for nearly a decade. In that time, my peers have helped me refine ideas, reject bad ideas, commiserate on failures, recognize wins, and make more money. If you’re looking for help with things that are not easily searchable online, or you benefit from talking through ideas with other people, or even if you just like having someone “in the room” to provide a different perspective, masterminds are an amazing tool.

Cory Huff, The Abundant Artist

Do you want to find your soul tribe and uplevel in every way?

Being in a mastermind has enabled me to find my tribe, play bigger and reach milestones that previously felt out of reach. It’s exposed me to new ideas, new systems and processes and new, amazing people who are and will be lifelong supporters and friends. Joining a mastermind will shift the way you think and feel. You’ll be opened up in new and unexpected ways and grow personally and professionally. If you’re looking to uplevel big time in every imaginable way – find your soul tribe, you know what you need to do.

Cailen Ascher, Lifestyle Design Expert

Do you want to stop derailing your own ambition?

In my opinion, nothing can derail your ambition and energy faster than being surrounded by the wrong people in business. Out of all the personal development I’ve done, one of the most useful and productive things I’ve done is to create success masterminds with like-minded people.

Think of a mastermind like a success dream team. They will help you get where you want to go… faster. Now the majority of my friends are self-employed, which is really cool and I rarely hang out with people who bitch about bosses, meetings or any of that stuff. We all talk about creativity, marketing, strategy, etc.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor

Do you want to know you’re making the right choices?

Courses and coaches are great options if you’re laser-focused on learning a specific tactic for your business. Masterminds are the best option when you’re focused on implementation and breaking through daily challenges to grow your business. Sure, you learn lots of stuff in a mastermind, but it’s more about the support and feedback available at any moment in time. Having a group of people with experience in all the aspects of growing a business that you can rely on to guide you is powerful.

Masterminds also provide accountability and support to keep you on track with your business goals. There’s nothing like knowing your people have your back no matter what. In the frenetic ups and downs of owning a business, sometimes just knowing you aren’t crazy or that someone will help pick you up after you make a huge mistake is invaluable.

Sara Christensen, Founder of Kickass Masterminds


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