Innovative use of Twitter for marketing – The Moonfruit phenomenon

Moonfruit, a fantastic web design software company, and a brand close to my heart as I use them for my own website, this they week used Twitter in a very inventive way to promote themselves. This resulted in them becoming the most talked about brand on Twitter, globally. Imagine that.

Here’s what they did. They are currently running a campaign to celebrate their 10 year anniversary where they give 10 Macbook Pro’s away to a random selection of Tweeters that send out a tweet with the word #Moonfruit in it. They are running this over a 10 day period and people can tweet as many times as they like. This has made Moonfruit a trending topic on Twitter that encourages others to find out more about them. Click here for more.

The use of social media for marketing is a very powerful tool, if done right. What Moonfruit has done is show that by being a little inventive and coming up with what is actually a very simple, yet innovative idea, you can get some amazing results. Just think about the brand exposure they’re getting (although I’m sure they didn’t foresee just how much). It’s time to break the mould people.



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  1. Tyson says:

    What a great idea. It’s very exciting to see something like this and watching their twitter account gain followers. I blogged about their brilliance too!


  2. There have been a few spam allegations across the twittersphere over the last day regarding Moonfruit’s promotional campaign. I disagree with this. Firstly, this is a ‘buzz’ campaign that is designed to do just that … create buzz. Which is does. Brilliantly. Secondly, I don’t think the people behind the campaign ever intended to ‘spam’ people, but I also don’t think they foresaw just how global this campaign would go. Doesn’t the mere essence of ‘spam’ suggest some kind of intent? I guess there’s a fine line between buzz marketing and spam, but in this instance I’m sitting firmly in the buzz marketing camp.

  3. Carolyn says:

    But I will now forever associate their name with highly annoying tweets – the downside to that campaign.

  4. Jon Kolbe says:

    I believe it is spam. Pure and simple. This fact, however, will not discourage me from participating in their giveaway. Spam does not bother me. I simply delete it, look past it or ignore it. With that said, and I now know what the trending topic is about, I am off to spam twitter! Thanks for the heads up on what this #Moonfruit thing is!

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