How will you make an impact?

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If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories, you’ll know that recently I took a little trip to California for a handful of business events.

I’ve already shared some of my takeaways from Caitlen Bacher’s amazing Scale with Success Summit, so today I want to talk about the epic, the unbeatable, Kajabi Impact Summit.

Let’s dive into the big takeaways I brought home with me.

Not every client will get results.

This is a bloody hard one for me as I’m super results-focused, but much as not everyone in school got an A grade, not everyone will make it on your courses, programs, masterminds.

Creating a learning and growth experience that facilitates that as much as possible, though, is how you encourage results and I have a few new ideas that will help me to listen more to my clients’ struggles and implement strategies to pick them up automatically when that happens.

Going deeper with my surveys, keeping an eye on common patterns and ensuring I respond to these is essential and I’ll be turning up the dial on those big time.

In this crazy busy online world, the ONLY way to differentiate is by creating a better experience.

Our job is to work out how we can do that. I often look to the service industry for pointers here and have a question I now ask myself (after spending my honeymoon at The W Hotel in Bali) – what would The W do?

Their customer experience is top notch and seamless, so by thinking about that and what they would do in a situation I’m reminded to put the customer first. I’ve been lucky enough to stay at some amazing hotels on my California trip and each has given me ideas on how to surprise and delight my people. How can you do the same?

Every success story starts the same way.

Every single speaker and success story started where you are, made the same mistakes, had the same fears, were close to quitting countless times. The only reason they are successful is that they kept at it. You either get the results you wanted or the lesson you needed.

No more comparing.

Multiple speakers at the Impact Summit hit on comparisonitis. It’s something that affects us all, and it’s something that needs to stop!

Nobody is above or behind. We’re in this together! Comparison is the death of fulfilment.

Do one thing really well.

Then do the next thing really well. This was a tip from Brendan Burchard (my absolute fave!) and this resonates so much. I see so many of us feel like we need to do so much much at once, and do it all perfectly, and that just isn’t sustainable.

Prioritise, focus and do your best.

So what next?

I have an entire journal filled with notes, lessons and ideas inspired by my trip to California… now it’s time for me to implement. We can learn and learn and learn until the cows come home, but if we don’t take action, we don’t get to grow.

(Something I’m building into Elevate Live, by the way.)


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