If you’re not getting results

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This is a love note to those of you who have invested in good coaches and mentors, but aren’t getting results.

Who have started to question yourselves because you see all your peers who work with the same mentor get amazing results, but you haven’t.

So you think it’s you.

You’re not smart enough, confident enough, good enough.

You feel like the last kid to get picked for a team at school.

The one who didn’t “fit” in any of the gangs. The loner, always missing out.
You see posts from other coaches saying you just need to “do the work”, “think positively”, “show up”, “give value” … and it makes you want to punch them in the face as you’re DOING ALL THE DAMN WORK, but it’s not working.

You start to question if you’re cut out for this and whether you should just get a job.

Or you get angry and start to blame your coach, even though deep down you know it’s not their fault.

Because it’s nobody’s fault.

Because success is on a different timeline for all of us.

Yes there are some that shoot past us, hitting goals better than Beckham, overtaking peers like Usain Bolt, leaping obstacles like a young gazelle.
Let’s call those guys the hares.

Then there are the tortoises. Who take their time, deal with blocks gently as they go, being kind to themselves as they know the pressure could break them.

They both reach the same destination, just at a different time.

But the difference is, there is no race.

No first prize for getting to 6, 7, 8 figures first.

Because we all win.

But sadly the tortoise watches the hare and reads the Facebook fakery and thinks slow = bad, less than, failure.

It doesn’t.

It really doesn’t.

There is no race, other than the one you create in your mind. And you have control over that, you can step out of that race and into your own lane, where your soul is waiting.

I work with both hares and tortoises, both are equal, both are brilliant, all make me proud.

The ones who have been weighed down by doubt and fear who finally break free and believe they can do it … and they do.

The ones who finally realise they’re doing the wrong thing and start again with a pivot that changes everything.

The ones who finally, finally speak on stage and catapult their personal brand overnight.

The ones who create things that will change and heal our failing world.

The ones who have the lows, then highs, then lows, then highs …

The ones who reach 6 and multi six figures at a rate Bolt would be proud of.

I’m proud of all of them, equally.

So if you’re the hare, high five my friend. I’ve got you through those sticky scaling phases we’re it all gets a bit much and you wonder if you’ve grown too fast.

If you’re more tortoise then hare, it’s time to step out of the race and into you. You’re the only person that matters, so focus on your timeline and don’t allow anything to knock your confidence or throw you off course.

To each of you, you’re both winning.

You always will be. Because you had the courage and resilience to do this thing called business.

There is no race, there’s just you.


For those conscious souls ready to step up and serve. Suitable for established or new coaches.