If you aren’t using social media to become a better company, you aren’t using it right

I happened upon a rather useful deck earlier, and it’s only right and proper that I share it with you here. The author will come as no shock, I can often be found sharing his decks, opinions, posts and (now) book (if you’ve not heard about it, Social Media ROI is a must have for anyone dipping their toe in social activity).

This presentation from Olivier Blanchard at Fusion Marketing Experience takes us through how social media should actually work, which is unfortunately a million miles away from how it’s currently being used by some businesses. There are some nice learnings (ignore them at your peril) all wrapped up in a humorous theme. I hope it’s useful.

[slideshare id=7387286&doc=socialmediamarketingkeynotebyolivierblanchardatfusionmarketingexperiencebrussels-110325092927-phpapp01]



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