How to thrive through the recession

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How to thrive through the recession

On this episode of the Simply Smart Business Show, I’m talking about how to thrive during the recession, show up with integrity and come out the other side with a smile on your face. 

Most of us are overwhelmed at the moment. We’re stressed out, scared about the future and are navigating a world we’ve never known. This is also how your customers are feeling. 

To be the best leader and provide the best service, prioritise looking after yourself.

Start by stripping back and only focusing on what’s important in your business. Use my lovely little acronym: Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

Keeping it simple will support you and help your clients and customers because it creates momentum, focus, commitment and all-important consistency.

Listen to this episode for the strategy and mindset you need to help you simplify and elevate your brand – and make it one customers flock to.

Listen to this episode here.

Takeaways from this show:

  • Keep it simple! Our systems are overwhelmed right now, and they cannot take any more. Focus on what’s really important in your business.
  • Understand where you can strip things back. Get clear on what works for you and declutter every area of your life and business.
  • Be ruthless in your pursuit of streamlining and stripping back. Unfriend, unfollow, disconnect from anyone that doesn’t support your growth in your business.
  • Get the right support to enable faster progress. If you need to hire someone to take the slack and help you get to a certain point, do it.
  • Focus on the people that can afford you right now. Yes, we’d like to help everybody, but you’re a business and you need to get through this recession. 
  • Pick one social media platform and go all in. Don’t be on all of them, you haven’t got time. Pick one nurturing system e.g. mailing list where you nurture relationships and then one repurposing system to share one piece of content across everything else you have.
  • Keep in mind that your customer is feeling scared and overwhelmed. They crave security because they’ve got none right now. They crave people they can trust and the human touch. They want things that give them hope. They need to feel their dreams are still valid and can still happen. Speak to that.
  • The three things that your customer really needs from you are trust, delivery and hope. It’s that simple.
  • Show up, be a human, be real, show your own vulnerabilities. 
  • Create feedback loops. I use Type Form. If you can’t afford Type Form, use Google Forms, it’s free. 
  • Get feedback to create that world class experience. Know them better than you know yourself and you will win through this recession.
  • Don’t let them give up on their dreams. This is not a time to give up, it’s time to go deeper. It’s all still possible.
  • It doesn’t matter whether there’s a recession, your time is now. I know it, I want you to know it and I want you to pass that on to your customers.

Listen to this episode here.

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