The three things you need to succeed in business

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Ok let’s be honest, I’m pretty old.

You see I’ve been doing what I do for over 17 years. I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands, corporates and tiny businesses, helping them to get the results they crave. Brands like Universal, BBC, National Trust, Janssen, The Discovery Channel and many more.

I’ve tried and tested every strategy, tactic, framework out there. I know what works, and what doesn’t and I wanted to share with you the 3 things that are essential for small business owners to achieve the success they dream of.

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You may have already listened to me harp on about this one a lot already, but it’s a biggie.

Each of us comes with our own library of stories we tell ourselves. Stories of self-doubt, of not being clever enough, not being thin enough, not being tall enough, not being this, not being that. Just. Not. Being. Enough.

Not only do we tell ourselves these stories, but we seek out proof of them. Ignoring praise and wins and jumping on rejections and failures, telling ourselves “see, I knew I couldn’t do that”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can simply choose NOT to believe those stories. To rewrite them and create new, positive stories that don’t put a stop barrier up every time we want to move forward in our business.

Mindset is something I hone in on when I’m working with my clients. I’ve done a lot of work in this area, including studying psychology at university. I know that if I can help my clients to switch their mindset, the way is clear for us to evolve and grow the business.

Is mindset holding you back from achieving your goals and reaching your dreams?

Then, my friend, fix it .. or it will keep putting that stop sign in front of you.


I work with so many people who have no idea what their business actually ‘is’.
Who they serve.
What their biggest problems are.
And how they solve them.

Sadly without this, you don’t have a business.

I’ve created numerous business strategies for myself and my clients over my 17 years of being in business and have perfected a strategic framework that helps my clients drill down into the essential elements they need to have worked out BEFORE they even start selling anything.

Once they’ve been through my Business Strategy Workbook they have a strong foundation, a clear direction and a plan to grow a robust business.

The ten step framework includes things like:

Ideal Customers and their pain points
Value Proposition
Income Stream Mapping
Outsource Planning

These, along with the other elements in the framework, help you to understand that you have a viable business that will help you to reach your goals. It’s the difference between having a business hobby and having a robust, future-proofed business.

Are you clear on your business strategy?
Do you know exactly what you need to be doing for the next 6 months/year/2 years to achieve your dreams?


A strategy without an implementation plan is useless. And this is where many business owners fall down.

My clients learn how to create a strategy and then transfer it into a 90 Day Plan, prioritising the goals, selecting the top three to focus on for that 90-day sprint and setting the actions that need to be completed to achieve those goals. This helps them to get more done in 90 days than they have previously in 6 months, helping them to get where they want to be, faster.

Now I’ve worked in the marketing arena all of my career, first in traditional marketing where I’ve created integrated campaigns, designed exhibitions, managed PR campaigns and press advertising then later I specialised in digital marketing.

This heritage makes it easy for me show my clients how to create marketing systems that help them to achieve their strategic goals. Systems so simple yet powerful, they become effortless and easy to implement. Systems that work like clockwork in the background, while my clients get on with what they do best.

It’s no coincidence that business owners that nail these three elements have a higher success rate than those that don’t.

Get honest with yourself, is strategy and implementation what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals?

Do you take consistent action, every single day?

There’s no shame if the answer is no to any (or all) of my questions here because you have the power to change that. Right now.

And if you’d like to ask me about any of these three things, hop on over and join my free, private Facebook Group and ask away. I’m happy to help.

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