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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this show, I’m talking about building a focused, targeted tribe of ideal clients on social media.

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It can be hard to build an audience, especially when you’re just starting out. You’re there, showing up every day, but the numbers aren’t increasing, or you’re getting follows but from the wrong people (people you don’t really want to work with).

The first thing I want you to remember is this: it’s not about the numbers. It’s about having the right people in your social media community. I would much rather have 500 super targeted followers than 5,000 “not quite right” people.

While there is no silver bullet there are a few things you can be doing to make sure you’re attracting ideal prospects:

Understand your people

Who are these people you want to connect with? What’s going on in their minds? What are their problems, their desires, their dreams? What keeps them awake at night? What would be their perfect solution?

Pick your platform

You need to figure out where your people are hanging out. Your clients aren’t on every single social media platform, so you don’t need to be either. Having said that, I know people really struggle to figure where their clients are spending time, so here are a few places to get started:

  • Begin with Facebook – it’s pretty easy to find your ideal clients by demographic, using the targeting options offered by Facebook ads.
  • Instagram is an amazing hub for connecting with people, so search there too. It’s a particularly great place to find creative types.
  • Focus on Linkedin if your ideal clients are corporates, brands or anyone else who focuses on business.
  • Twitter boasts a mishmash of people, so it’s worth a quick search.

Pick one or two platforms to focus on and pour your attention into those. If you’re short on time, just pick one platform and do that really, really well.

Anchor in your positioning

Your messaging is the thing that’s going to help your audience realise that YOU are the person they need. I go into this in a lot more detail in Business Success Bootcamp, but here’s an overview:

  • What’s your WHY? Why does your business exist? Connect your emotion to that.
  • What are your superpowers? What are you really good at? What do other people say you’re good at? What’s the stuff that makes you feel amazing? Own these – they really hook into what people need.
  • What’s your purpose? Your vision? Your mission? Get super clear on these and really connect with them. Take them out into the world with you in everything you do and say. These are things that will connect you with the right audience.
  • What are your values? The things that are so important to you? Showcase them in EVERYTHING. Live them from the inside out.
  • Be clear on your uniqueness. Embrace your weirdness. What makes you stand out? What’s different about the way you do things?

Each of these elements helps drive your content and gives you plenty to talk about.

Create the expert

Establishing yourself as an expert and bringing out every part of that online will help you connect with your people on social media. And you do this by sharing:

  1. Your backstory. What got you here?
  2. Your flaws. People don’t connect with shiny perfection. Own your flaws and share them.
  3. Your opinion. Be really clear on what you stand for and what your opinions are in your industry.
  4. Your storylines. The anecdotes from your life that connect you to people.

All of these things create the foundation of your content, and your content is what helps you to build an audience online. My biggest tip of all is to show up every day doing this stuff. That will put you in front of your tribe and will help them connect with you – you want them to believe in your authenticity and get comfy with you, and that happens when there’s consistency.

Where are the best places to show up online?

  • Facebook groups that are full of your people
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Lives
  • Regular Linkedin or Twitter posts
  • Medium articles
  • Sharing your blog posts and freebies on Pinterest

You just have to commit. Show up, do the work and your tribe will follow.

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