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Welcome to the latest episode of The Simply Smart Business Show. In this episode I’ll be talking about how you can tap into your own uniqueness to help your business stand out online.

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Whenever I’m talking about branding, or positioning, or messaging with my clients, the question of uniqueness comes up.

I’ve found that when I ask most people what makes them unique, they get a bit embarrassed. This might be because they haven’t really put much thought into it, or because they’re not owning their stuff.

But here’s the rub – no matter what you do, no matter how much you’ve niched, you’ll find other businesses out there that do the same thing. Finding a way to stand out can be quite difficult.

A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that they need to come up with some big, ground-breaking idea, or innovative way of working. Not many people can do that.

There’s more power in finding your uniqueness – that’s what makes people really gravitate towards you. It’s what helps you improve on ideas that already exist, and create things that work better for people.

There are so many ways that you can express your uniqueness in your branding, your messaging, and everything else you’re doing in the marketing mix. It’s a brilliant way to attract people that are the right fit for you and your business.

Think about some of these things that could make you stand out from the crowd:


This is an obvious one. If you’ve studied your thing, any related qualifications will help you stand out. Even if your qualifications don’t directly relate to your business focus, they could be an asset.


I read psychology at university. While that isn’t a marketing qualification, it does help me stand out a little bit. All of those things I learned while studying help me understand people – and getting into the minds of our customers is a fundamental part of marketing.


Again, an obvious one, but this is super important. If you have experience in your industry, that can really help build instant trust with your customers.


I’ve been working in marketing for 16 years. That makes be A very old, and B very experienced in my field. In that time I’ve worked with lots of different types of clients, from global brands to one man bands, across a whole range of sectors. This is one of my biggest selling points whenever I’m launching a new product or service.


Focus on the specific set of skills you bring to the table, and use that in your positioning and branding.


I talk about my experience in digital marketing, but drilling down into the specifics helps my clients understand whether it’s me they need. I could talk about how I understand the whole digital ecosystem, and how it all fits together, or I could talk about my specialism in social media, or my knack for SEO. All of this can help me stand out.


Your way of doing things is always going to be unique to you. The theories, the methodology, the system you use when you’re delivering your thing – that’s all gold.


I have a very clear strategy system that I’ve honed over a decade, and I use it with all of my clients. It gets me from A to Z and has a positive impact on everyone involved.


Your beliefs and opinions are really important if you’re looking to raise your profile online. If you feel really strongly about something, express it. That sets you apart. This could be an expression of your personal values, or you could comment on a debate, controversy or trend in your industry.


I have core content pillars running through all my work. These are the values I hold most dear, and they’re exactly what help me resonate with right kinds of clients.


Research what others in your field are doing, and consider going against the industry norm. There are so many experts out there giving you advice (myself included), but if everyone’s following that same advice, nobody’s standing out from the crowd.


When I set this business up everyone was talking about ideal client avatars and having a really narrow niche. I decided to do the opposite – I thought I should take advantage of my broad experience, and expand it even further. Not everyone does that, and it’s really helped me stand out even more.


Let’s not forget about all the things that make you unique, personality-wise. It could be the way you do your hair, or all your tattoos and piercings. It could be the books you read, or the music you listen to, or the wacky hobbies you love. All those lovely little idiosyncrasies that make you who you are really emphasise your uniqueness, but so many people try to hide those when they’re running a business.

All of these points of difference make you stand out, and they make people feel drawn to you. Take advantage of that.

I’d love to know if this has helped – and I’d love to hear what’s unique about you.

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